Breathing Life Into The Franchise Medley

Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters

With IDW pushing Mars Attacks into a number of licence crossovers that while not yet reaching the substantial quantity of the Aliens/Predator record; is at least a healthy challenger. Put them on the same chart, and Mars Attacks would at least be noticed. I imagine Batman team-ups easily equal if not outnumber the many Aliens/Predator […]

Regenerating That Spark

Transformers Regeneration One 81b

Even to the die-hard fan, the Transformers universe can be confusing. Multiple continuities, multiple timelines, all equally valid for their era and each with volumes of material, whether comic or cartoon. Each with their own tone, each adjusted to the ‘new generation’ of readers, of various age ranges. Which can make it difficult to love […]

Continuity Issues

Transformers #21 - The beginning of Chaos!

The DC universe is not the only fictional universe out there that suffers from continuity issues. Let’s be honest, have you tried to figure out Transformers? Let’s see. Just in the comics alone, there’s the original Marvel UK continuity that includes the original cartoon series (which I must confess, I still possess a great fondness […]

Double Dose of Hell


So, today we see John Constantine returns to the world of spandex super-heroes, even as his mature readers Vertigo title delves into its traditional adult themes. Coming from the days when John was a permanent fixture of the DCU, I should welcome this, yet for some reason I have reservations. John has made his home […]

Is It Summer Already?


Today sees the end of one company crossover and the beginning of another. IDW’s Infestation concludes with the second bookend issue of Infestation, while Marvel launches it’s mega-super-duper, will change the status quo as we know it (again), crossover; so big it touches every title AND requires a comprehensive set of limited series as well. […]