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Feeling The T.H.U.N.D.E.R.

Last seen in the old, er, New, erm, old DC Universe in the build up to the Final Crisis, and much like the Crusaders, the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents graft into DC didn't really take, if indeed they were even in the DCU. So like many licenses lying around, IDW has taken the baton and ran with it.

King Of Monsters

Godzilla has developed its own internal narrative over the decades, one as relevant today as when it first appeared.

Breathing Life Into The Franchise Medley

With IDW pushing Mars Attacks into a number of licence crossovers that while not yet reaching the substantial quantity of the Aliens/Predator record; is at least a healthy challenger. Put them on the same chart, and Mars Attacks would at least be noticed. I imagine Batman team-ups easily equal if not outnumber the many Aliens/Predator […]

Regenerating That Spark

Even to the die-hard fan, the Transformers universe can be confusing. Multiple continuities, multiple timelines, all equally valid for their era and each with volumes of material, whether comic or cartoon. Each with their own tone, each adjusted to the ‘new generation’ of readers, of various age ranges. Which can make it difficult to love […]

Rooting Through the Toy Chest

One of the titles I think may have swept under many people’s radar is the release from a couple of weeks ago by IDW of Battle Beasts #1. With a gorgeous painted cover by Daniel Brereton, this is only one of the delights from a surprising licence relaunch. Didn’t see that one coming! Now we […]

How Much Is Six Million Dollars Worth Anyway?

Quite the delicacy of first issues this week, and I am beginning to wonder if Dark Horse will retain its mastery of the licensed titles. Both Dynamite and IDW continue to challenge them with impressive offerings, as we see this week with the release of The Bionic Man #1 from Dynamite, and the return of […]

Team Ups And Farewells

Well, today is the day that is the last gasp of the DC as we head towards the new 52. Reading today’s issues will be a bittersweet experience. Newsarama has delivered a slide show of what we may miss from the last seventy five years of comics, but I think it is safe to say […]

Continuity Issues

The DC universe is not the only fictional universe out there that suffers from continuity issues. Let’s be honest, have you tried to figure out Transformers? Let’s see. Just in the comics alone, there’s the original Marvel UK continuity that includes the original cartoon series (which I must confess, I still possess a great fondness […]

Double Dose of Hell

So, today we see John Constantine returns to the world of spandex super-heroes, even as his mature readers Vertigo title delves into its traditional adult themes. Coming from the days when John was a permanent fixture of the DCU, I should welcome this, yet for some reason I have reservations. John has made his home […]

Is It Summer Already?

Today sees the end of one company crossover and the beginning of another. IDW’s Infestation concludes with the second bookend issue of Infestation, while Marvel launches it’s mega-super-duper, will change the status quo as we know it (again), crossover; so big it touches every title AND requires a comprehensive set of limited series as well. […]

Greatest Crossover of 2011 – Already???

It looks like the Zombie Watch needs to be dusted off and returned to centre stage. This week saw what for me is the most anticipated crossover of them all; IDW’s Infestation. Now, comic veterans like us are quite used to the Transformers mingling with the G.I. Joes. Yet in a stroke of genius (and […]


This week into it’s second issue, Doorways from IDW is a story of a failed TV show from George R.R. Martin. Now, that may sound terribly unfair, but in the first issue the esteemed Mr Martin delivered a potted history of this story, derived from simply the first line of another story : – ‘There […]

Downe In The Silence

A couple of first issues are on offer this week. Joe Casey presents a one-off special from Image called Officer Downe, while IDW opens another series in the Silent Hill franchise – Past Life. I don’t really know the franchise well, but the latter is definitely my pick for the week. While Officer Downe is […]

A Fitting End

In the wake of New York Comicon there is so much that is available to write about, such as the new IDW crossover Infestation (whoda thunk that Star Trek and the Ghost Busters could work together huh?), but I have to take a moment to stand back in awe about Marvel’s excellent One Month To […]

Locke & Key!

It looks like promo issues work after all. I mean how could I miss anything with the word Lovecraft in the title? I had been receiving encouragement recently from a friend to read Joe Hill. Joe Hill if you didn’t know, is the son of the master Stephen King, choosing this pseudonym to honour the […]

Comic Con looms

The biggest event of the year in the comics social calendar is peeking over the horizon. And no that’s not as oxymoronic as it sounds, comics are are cool now, right? Right? The boards are already abuzz with talk of Cosmic/Galactic/Space Avengers, the teaser images of the return of the Black Lanterns (waaaaaaaaaay too soon […]

Zombies, Robots, Man – just who are the monsters?

So two eight-page strips made my head and heart spin, leaving me with the confusion that if I was happy I should be disgusted, but if I was disgusted then I was missing out on the happiness. Appalled, yet willing to keep secrets.

State of the Multiverse 58

I had forgotten just how infectious the whole Buffy-style (or more appropriately Willow-style) of speech was, until after spending an afternoon reading, I found myself uttering many such phrases myself. I soon, like, regained control of the speech-type thing, and by the next morning made no more word messiness. At all. Zilch. Nada. Complete absence of.