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An Infinity Of Questions

We now have the strongest team of Avengers aligned together that we have ever seen. Not even the nearly forty-strong team that faced the threat of Michael/Korvac possessed such power. Thor, Hyperion, a Star Brand. Captain Universe. Not to mention all of our stalwart heroes who have been there forever. All major players in Infinity.

Avengers A.I. Absolutely Inspiring

Well, if the Age of Ultron was the price I had to pay to wait for Avengers A.I., then you can colour me more than satisfied. Not since the pages of West Coast Avengers have we had the opportunity to pick apart Henry Pym, in a fashion that does not leave him being a total […]

Angela Heralds Infinity As Age Of Ultron Closes

So now we have seen the big reveal that was unfortunately leaked, and despite the excitement we may have all felt at seeing that image, we know little more now than we did once the news was released. Angela is now in the Marvel universe as a prelude to the timestream having broken as Age of Ultron concludes.

Have We Been Here Before?

Not so long ago, I was critical of the latter two chapters of Jim Starlin’s Infinity Trilogy; the Infinity War and the Infinity Crusade. Very much products of the Nineties, concepts that could easily have led to masterpieces failed to receive the thought and care in the stories that supported the main plot; throwaway crossovers […]