The Walking Dead Infographic: All About Guns & Ammo

The Walking Dead: Guns & Ammunition - featured

The Walking Dead just aired its fourth season finale and we need more! This infographic by gives us a cool look at all the weapons used in the show so far. “The Walking Dead Guns & Ammunition” features the survivors’ weapons of choice and even lists the various pros and cons of each. Those who want […]

A Geeky Guide to Magical Rings!

Magical Rings featured

Magical rings are a staple in every geeky medium. Comics, books, movies… All of them have at least one story that features a magical ring of some sort. If you’re only familiar with Green Lantern and the One Ring from Lord of the Rings, check out this infographic and be informed!   Via Fashionably Geek

20 Years of Playstation In One Infographic


Reddit user Adiost gave tribute to 20 years of Playstation by making a cool infographic that shows us all the handhelds, consoles, and controllers that Sony has released under the Playstation brand. As of February 2014, the newest product to be announced is the PSVita Slim, but looking at all the new releases from the […]

The Zombie Apocalypse: Could Science Fiction Soon Become Science Fact?


Even if horror movies are not particularly ‘your bag’, everybody loves a good zombie. In the realms of fiction they have been gradually stumbling their way into our subconsciousness for decades now, ever since George A. Romero popularised the genre with his classic ‘Night of the Living Dead’ in the late 60’s. But what if […]

Star Wars vs Star Trek

Star Wars Star Trek

Star Wars vs Star Trek. It will never get old. For all we know, our grandchildren will still be discussing the merits of Star Wars and pit them against the merits of Star Trek. Or maybe, they will be living in those worlds. Who knows? In the meantime, however, our generation will continue to have […]

7 Avengers Infographics


This morning I sat down to work and thought to myself, “What do I want to write about today?” Only one thing is on my mind, and it’s drowning out all other thoughts: The Avengers! Just can’t get that brilliant movie out of my head. If you’re craving more Avengers goodness like me, here are […]