Get Your Geek On and Help the Planet by Repurposing Old Ink Cartridges

Repurpose seems to be the cool word to use these days. Recycling is good. Reusing is better. But repurposing seems to have a stronger connotation. Then again, that could just be me. Whatever word you want to use to describe what has been done to these ink cartridges doesn’t matter. At the end of the […]

The Weirdest Lamp Ever

After my post a few weeks ago on empty printer cartridges that a clever artist used as art, I got to wondering about what other things used ink cartridges might be made into. A quick search on Etsy turned up these bizarre lamps, made by seller Lowell & Louise, which I find oddly mesmerizing. The […]

Ink Cartridge Art

There’s literally nothing artists won’t use as a creative medium. Proof positive: Faith Pearson’s diorama models that use nothing but black & white and colour ink cartridges. The UK’s Ink and Media Blog assigned Pearson — an artist who specializes in “toy theater making” — to create something out of a bunch of ink cartridges, […]