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Not Your Usual Fan Art on Instagram Will Crack You Up

Instagram is so full of selfies and food (guilty of the latter sometimes), that I rarely use the app anymore. But when you discover Instagram gems like jaemyc’s account, you’ll find yourself chuckling, snorting, ROLF, or whatever it is you do when you find something hilarious. Instead of the self-centered, humblebragging crap that’s common on […]

Game of Thrones Eye Candy on Instagram

I’m a bad Instagram user. While there are some periods when I do upload photos and interact with other users, lately, I’ve been giving the platform a cold shoulder. I can’t give a rational explanation, but I found myself looking for Game of Thrones eye candy today. I suppose the anticipation for the next season […]

This Week on Instagram (April 1-5)

How's it going, ForeverGeek Instagrammers? We've got a few nifty photos for you on our feed, but we've spotted more from the people we follow. We have a question for you. What kinds of photos do you like most on Instagram? I know that question opens up so many possibilities, but go ahead and

This Week on Instagram (February 4-8)

We spent some time on Instagram again this week, and it’s a good thing we did. We’re discovering more and more cool photos uploaded by the people on our feed. First up, since it’s the month of love, we thought gamers would appreciate this. A little cheesy, but you get it! From cheesy to “I […]

This Week on Instagram (December 10-14)

This week on Instagram, we have some really cool finds. How can you go wrong with robot and beer, for example? One of our team members was lucky enough to have that as company this week. We also got some pretty good stuff in the mail: Dragon earpieces that Daenerys herself wouldn’t mind wearing, I’m […]

This Week on Instagram

As we shared with you earlier this week, we have joined the Instagram bandwagon. We’d like to share some of the more interesting photos we’ve posted and seen from those we follow every week. After all, we always could use some eye candy on Fridays! This week, we have a taste of Christmas thanks to […]

Guess What? We’re On Instagram!

We’ve finally given in to the Instagram craze. With all the fun and geeky things we see all around us, we figured that we might as well take snapshots when we can, and share them with you guys. Then there’s the bragging rights factor, I guess. Since all our writers have access to the ForeverGeek […]

Make Your Own Geeky Wallpaper Using Instagram Pics With Insta-WP

What’s your current wallpaper on the computer/laptop? How about your iPad/tablet? Your phone? No matter what some people might say, being able to change and customize wallpapers is something that adds color to life. Yeah, that might be an exaggeration, but have you tried Windows 7 Starter? I have known people to hate it simply […]

Geekify Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo with InstaCover

Got the new Facebook Timeline yet? Don’t worry if you don’t. I am sure you have not failed to notice that note saying that everyone will be getting the new Timeline by the end of this month. I have ranted about the Timeline in the past, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less now. […]

Geek Up Your Twitter Profile

It’s a new year. Isn’t it time to update your Twitter profile with a cool new background? Here’s an awesome trick for geeking up your Twitter background with any kind of theme you can imagine. The best part: it automatically updates every day!