What Will Be The Next Big Smartphone?

Smartphones are now everywhere, permeating all levels of society. People have seen the light, and are no longer satisfied with simple communications. Instead, smartphones with larger screens, fast internet access and a range of apps and supporting technologies have swept across the world, and continue to find growing markets in both developing and emerging territories. […]

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Out This Week

Episode 3 of Telltale Games’ brilliant video game series based on The Walking Dead comic book is out this week. Here’s where and when to find it, along with some spankin’ new screens.

Relieve Voter Fatigue with ‘Vote!!!’

Didn’t see this coming: Chair Entertainment, maker of runaway iOS success Infinity Blade, has put out a slapstick freebie based on the forthcoming Presidential election, called Vote!!!. (All three exclamation points are part of the title.)

First Look: Horn

iOS and Android can’t lay claim to very many AAA games, but this one definitely qualifies. Horn is from the creator of The Dark Meadow, and it looks spectacular.

Where’s The Dark Knight Rises: The Video Game?

Yeah, yeah, tie-in games are never as good as they should be, blah blah whatever. Still… Where’s the game for The Dark Knight Rises? The answer is going to surprise you.

Official ‘Hunger Games’ Tie-In Game Not What You Expect

There is a tie-in game coming for The Hunger Games, but you won’t find it on any console, or even your PSP or 3DS. Bucking the trend altogether, this tie-in game is coming only to your iPhone and iPad.

A Third Round of ‘Infinity Blade’ – With a Twist

You’ve heard about the new iPad by now, but this bit might have slipped past if you didn’t follow the news closely: Epic Games is producing a prequel to its mega-hit Infinity Blade, which features wholly different gameplay than the first two games.

ROBOTA: Vengeance Adventure Game for Android Needs Your Help

Hey guys, here’s an awesome Kickstarter project that can really use your help. If you are never seen without your Android device in hand, if you are a staple at your favorite Android forum, and if you like gaming on Android, you ought to give ROBOTA: Vengeance a look. Forget scouring the web for free […]

Max Payne Coming to iPad & iPhone!

Is it bad that I’m more excited about this than I am about Max Payne 3? The original Max Payne, by Remedy Entertainment, is being ported to iOS devices with an expected arrival within the next two months.

Ticket to Ride Pocket is FREE. Grab it now!

Here at Forevergeek, we regularly try to paint a picture of the multitudinous aspects of geekiness. From science fiction to video gaming, from comics to cosplay. Sometimes, these different paths of geekdom coincide into a central nexus making things so much more fun to report. In this case, it’s when board games and video games […]