6 Free iOS Games to Download Now

free ios games

Your iPhone 6 is designed to be more than a text message receptacle or device for accessing business apps. As many of you probably already know, it’s a sophisticated gaming system in the palm of your hand! However, with thousands of sub-par games in the App Store, how do you possibly know which ones are […]

What Will Be The Next Big Smartphone?


Smartphones are now everywhere, permeating all levels of society. People have seen the light, and are no longer satisfied with simple communications. Instead, smartphones with larger screens, fast internet access and a range of apps and supporting technologies have swept across the world, and continue to find growing markets in both developing and emerging territories. […]

Is Xbox One Set To Conquer The Small Business Market?


Back in July this year, an interesting post appeared on Microsoft’s small business support website. In it, Microsoft Xbox MVP Marques Lyon wrote that the Xbox One is an “entirely justifiable” business expense for small companies. The post, which was widely reported by leading media outlets such as Forbes, went on to say that “The […]

Make Your Own Geeky Wallpaper Using Instagram Pics With Insta-WP


What’s your current wallpaper on the computer/laptop? How about your iPad/tablet? Your phone? No matter what some people might say, being able to change and customize wallpapers is something that adds color to life. Yeah, that might be an exaggeration, but have you tried Windows 7 Starter? I have known people to hate it simply […]

Making LEGO Movies Just Got a Lot Easier


When it comes to keeping fans happy, LEGO is on a roll. It seems like every week, LEGO announces some new product or feature that pays service to its base of hardcore fans. Their latest goodie: a free iPhone app that makes it super simple to film your own stop-motion LEGO movies.