Did This Guy Hack Times Square’s Jumbotron?

A hacker going by the handle “BITcrash44” claims to be able to hack into any screen he wants and take over the video being shown. And he says he can do it with nothing but an iPhone with a small video transmitter attachment. In his hand, he holds a remote “video repeater,” which when waved […]

iPhone Playing Cards

Only hardcore Apple fanboys and fangirls need apply. For $25 plus shipping, you can show the world just how serious you are about your love for the world’s most magical phone — the iPhone. That hefty price is probably related to the unusual size of the cards, which are about an inch taller than the […]

Minecraft Is Coming to iPhone & iPad

Minecraft‘s publisher, a Swedish company called Mojang, says that they’re working on a version of the game for Apple’s iOS platform, which will officially bring Minecraft to iPhone and iPad. Unofficial iOS versions have been created by clever fans, but none of them offer an experience as complete as the PC/browser version. Mojang told Gamasutra […]

If I Had an iPhone 4, I’d Use This Case

Oh, iPhone. I honestly love you. I want you. I want you so bad. We could make sweet music together, but that data plan of yours always comes between us. I know you love your monthly data plan more than you love me. I can’t afford it. And that’s why we can’t be together. If […]

Angry Birds landing on Mattel board game

Angry Birds is a tremendously fun game.  Those with an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Mac, are no doubt aware of its addictive nature.  Thanks to Mattel, the wildly popular game seeks to make the jump from electronic devices to a board game, allowing one to play the game with physical birds, pigs and other […]

Genus Aves Iratus (Angry Birds)

I don’t own any game console, I don’t have any games installed on my computer, the only game I own and play daily is, Angry Birds. Since I got the iPhone 4 which is much faster then my previous iPhone 3G, I went ahead an downloaded the trial version of Angry Birds. Since then I […]

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose is the World’s Most Expensive Phone

Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas? Look no further – whoever receives this iPhone from you will be eternally in your debt. Stuart Hughes, renowned British jeweler, has just come up with an iPhone that will definitely stand out from the rest of the iPhones that you see yuppies, geeks, and your mom carrying […]

Multi-touch iPhone Table: Your Larger than Life iPhone

Those of you who can’t part with their beloved iPhones for a single second, what do you say to owning an iPhone on steroids? All sorts of images may be flashing in your head right now, but you might be a little off the mark. I am not talking about processing power or better signal […]

‘Shadow Complex’ Dev Making iPhone/iPad Game

Remember that awesome Xbox Live Arcade game from last summer called Shadow Complex? It was a fantastic shooter that all but redefined the concept of side-scrolling. I was fortunate enough to be given an early preview of the game at Comic-Con last year, and then the good folks at Chair Entertainment, who built the game, […]

iPhone as a Tool for the Visually Impaired

‘Tis no secret how I have always wanted an iPhone, but priorities dictate that I spend my money otherwise. (Yes, I can be responsible when I want to.) After reading this guy raving about his new iPhone though, I just can’t help but feel more excited about the product. It’s not like I need the […]

The iPhone 4 Contenders

Apple’s fourth iPhone (iPhone 4) is just as popular as – if not more popular than – the first generation iPhone. Three years and four versions later, the iPhone has been immensely improved, but with a growing price tag. For the die hard Apple fan – and perhaps for those who simply must have the […]

CopyTrans: Music from iPod to Computer in a Flash

Does this scenario seem familiar?  Your beloved music collection is in your iPod and your computer.  For some reason, your iTunes library is incomplete, corrupted, or empty.  Or maybe you reformatted your hard drive and lost all the data.  Whatever the reason, you want – you need – to transfer your iPod files to your […]

Lucasfilm R2-D2 iPhone Case Coming Soon

My wife and I are huge fans of Star Wars. Anytime the movies are replayed on Spike, we all tune in and lose a few hours in the force. I personally don’t hate the first three (I-III) as much as most people, even though they are difficult to follow at times, so I’ll watch them […]

Flipboard makes magazines personal

I have a very strict morning routine. 6:00 am hits the clock and I pivot out of the bed to my right, put my feet on the floor, and grab my iPhone with my right hand. Once I disconnect it from the wall, I go through my ritual: e-mail, Facebook, Twitter. Then I get up, […]

Hulu comes to iPad

The rumors were true. Hulu has finally released an app for the iPad — but there’s a catch. Well, two catches, actually. First, you have to have an invite to access the thing. You can download and “tour” the app without an invite, but you can’t watch anything, so what’s the point, right? Second, this […]