The justinCase. Protect your iPhone and your private parts

As an iPhone 4 owner I’ve tried many cases to protect my precious device.  Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumper is a nice addition which shows off the beauty of the phone, but fails to truly protect the phone in the event of a drop.  Not good given my penchant for dropping phones.  The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy […]

If I Had an iPhone 4, I’d Use This Case

Oh, iPhone. I honestly love you. I want you. I want you so bad. We could make sweet music together, but that data plan of yours always comes between us. I know you love your monthly data plan more than you love me. I can’t afford it. And that’s why we can’t be together. If […]

iPhone Dock from Satarii makes your smartphone a stalker

Two enterprising young gentleman operating under the moniker, Satarii, have taken iPhone accessory innovation to a “moving” new level.

If It’s Not an iPhone, Why Would I Want It?

Why do you want an iPhone? Some of the hardcore Apple fanboys would probably fire off a long list of why the iPhone is coolest and the best mobile phone out there, but if you ask me, many people might actually be “Apple zombies.” If you ask them why the want the iPhone, they’ll probably […]