The Geekiest Engagement and Wedding Rings of Our Time

Nerds are challenging the traditional selection of a diamond for their rings, and ditching sparkling rocks in favor of designs that more accurately express their devotion to certain fandoms. In response to the demand, metal and gem artisans are finding new consumer niches within the ring industry. You can’t log on to Etsy or Pinterest […]

Flat Design Is Fantastic With These Superhero Illustrations!

Graphic design trends come and go, but their subjects tend to stay the same. Geek graphic designers love to feature superheroes, and us bloggers are more than happy to write about them! Flat design is a big trend in the digital art field and we’re liking how sleek and clean it is. Designer Jeffrey Rau made a […]

All Assemble For ‘Avengers Confidential’!

Everyone’s all about the Avengers lately and you don’t need to wait a year to get your fix! Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, the newest animated movie from Marvel and Madhouse Inc., is guaranteed to get you going. Check out what the movie’s all about and its awesome trailer below: When The Punisher takes out […]

Iron Man MkZ: Fan Film that Will Make You Feel the Holiday Cheer

If you’re not feeling the Christmas cheer, and you think only Tony Stark himself can pick you up this season, here’s something that’s right up your alley. The creation of Anthony McGrath, this Iron Man fan film will tickle you pink. Or red. Happy holidays!

Win Geek Tees From Fresh Brewed Tee

Geek tees will never get old. At least that’s what I think, and with fandoms becoming bigger and bigger, I think that we’re only bound to see more – and better – geek tees out there. We’ve discovered a (relatively) new site that caters to geeks who love to wear tees that show off things/shows/people […]

The Many Armors of Iron Man

I know that many of you have not yet seen Iron Man 3, but don’t worry, as much as I don’t care about reading spoilers (most of the time, at least), I do respect other people’s aversion to them. (Get off the Internet already!)

Your First Look at LEGO Iron Man 3

The good folks at LEGO sent over a collection of awesome images from their Iron Man 3-themed sets. They feature several new Minifigures and three sets based on scenes from the movie. We also have LEGO-ized versions of the official movie posters!

Iron Man 3 Trailer Screengrabs

ForeverGeek loves you. How much do we love you? This much: Feast your eyes on 117 high-res screengrabs from the brand new Iron Man 3 trailer.

When Iron Man Plays GTA IV

Everyone remembers his (or her) first Grand Theft Auto experience, right? The franchise has been around for more than a decade, and while you might have your own preference, I think many will agree that GTA: Vice City is the best of the lot. Then again, GTA IV didn’t do badly at all. With more […]

They’re Making a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Game!

The hopes and dreams of fanboys and girls everywhere will be fulfilled this Fall, when LEGO Marvel Super Heroes arrives on a console near you.