E3 2012: PlayStation


Sony hauled out the big guns for its moment in the E3 spotlight, including major new IP (Beyond! The Last of Us!) and the latest titles from favorite franchises like God of War. They also had some surprising announcements.

Pottermore Unveiled


Harry Potter fans: dust off those old volumes, because you may just want to re-read the series again starting this October. The idea behind Pottermore, as revealed today by J.K. Rowling herself, is to bring Harry Potter into the digital age. But putting a simple label on just what the Pottermore.com site is, won’t be […]

What is JK Rowling’s “Pottermore”?


J.K. Rowling is up to something. What that something is, we won’t find out until next Thursday, June 23rd. But it’s definitely something related to Harry Potter, because Rowling has just unveiled a new website called Pottermore. And from the stylized logo on display there, it looks as though “Pottermore” is the title of whatever […]