11 Superhero Movies That Never Escaped Development Hell

With all of the great superhero movies that there have been, there’ve been quite a few stinkers as well. And then there have been some that never made it before cameras — both promising sounding scripts and some that were so very, very bad. Here are 11 superhero films that might have been.

Wanna Go to Avatarland?

It looks like the success of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter hasn’t gone unnoticed by others in Hollywood, because now James Cameron is teaming up with Disney to bring Pandora, the alien world from Avatar, to life at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Aliens Power Loader

In just two weeks, this guy used wood, polystyrene foam, PVC pipe, and a racing harness to build his own Power Loader exo-suit, as seen in James Cameron‘s Aliens. (Remember how Ripley used a big yellow metal suit to dispatch the Alien Queen at the climax of the film? It’s that thing.) Being the extremely […]

Want to Learn a New Language? Try Na'vi.

Last week, the first ever opera in Klingon was held at The Hague. Language enthusiasts can’t help but get excited about something like that, even though the idea of learning a “fake” language may seem silly to some. (Think about it though – is there really such a thing as a fake language?) Needless to […]