Have We Been Here Before?

Not so long ago, I was critical of the latter two chapters of Jim Starlin’s Infinity Trilogy; the Infinity War and the Infinity Crusade. Very much products of the Nineties, concepts that could easily have led to masterpieces failed to receive the thought and care in the stories that supported the main plot; throwaway crossovers […]

Everything Changes

And in comics, ain’t that the truth! Then again, as years of fandom have taught us, plus ça change….. Barely are we over the New Year, and our minds return once more three months ahead thanks to the advance solicitations, and the rumours of the large summer events. Once interesting change is Jim Starlin, famed […]

State of the Multiverse 26

These are not the X-Babies that I know.

State of the Multiverse 21

Tomorrow sees the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy and Nova, as we begin the build-up to the Realm Of Kings event. Excited about the return of the Magus, I went back to read his first appearance back in Strange Tales Volume 1 #178 – 181, and I aim to read the rest of story […]