These Comic Collages By Mike Alcantara Are Uniquely Cool

Awesome artist Mike Alcantara, like many other comic book fans, show his love for the medium through fan art. But what’s unique about his nerd art is that he creates one of a kind collages completely out of comic. No ink or paint at all! You can check out his DeviantArt, his Facebook for more […]

Bad to the Bone: The Best Villains in Comics

For any hero to achieve true greatness, he has to be pushed to his limit by their opposite number. The villain, the bad guy, the antagonist. This character’s actions ultimately reflect back on the hero as the protagonist’s response will either make him or break him. With that in mind, here are who we think […]

Alternative 1970′s Batman

Now this is probably the best re-imagining I’ve ever seen of the Batman. Francesco Francavilla has released some preview images of an upcoming collection re-imagining Batman in the early 1970′s with the Catwoman sporting an afro hair style, the Joker looking even camper than he did in the 60′s TV version (while at the same […]

The Best Sidekicks in Comics

Over the long and colorful history of comic books, superhero sidekicks have been almost as ubiquitous as costumes. Once mere stand-ins for the audience and a sounding board for the hero, some sidekicks have even inherited their mentor’s super alter ego. Here are our choices for the six top sidekicks in comics today. Nightwing As […]

Batman Graffiti Found in Belgium

It’s not every day that you find amazing art in an abandoned building. This seems to be the case for a man and his girlfriend who stumbled into an abandoned hospital building in Belgium and found some amazing graffiti featuring Batman, The Joker, and several characters from the Bat mythos. Signed by a certain “Pete” […]

Thumbs and Ammo: Action Icons Say No to Guns

“Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.” That’s the core concept of this cool blog that has been garnering quite some attention in recent days. Titled “Thumbs and Ammo”, the blog showcases the action heroes we have grown up with (or not, depending on your age) – minus the […]

Best Easter Eggs Ever

In honor of Easter, here are 23 eggs that get my vote for the greatest and geekiest ever.