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Have We Been Here Before?

Not so long ago, I was critical of the latter two chapters of Jim Starlin’s Infinity Trilogy; the Infinity War and the Infinity Crusade. Very much products of the Nineties, concepts that could easily have led to masterpieces failed to receive the thought and care in the stories that supported the main plot; throwaway crossovers […]

Challenging The Status Quo

Taking the opportunity of the Christmas period to catch upon my comics reading (and supplementing this with fanfic when I reached the bottom of the stack), I must confess that I re-read Jonathon Hickman’s Fantastic Four and FF (Future Foundation) numerous times. Although I have raved bout this particular run of the FF numerous times […]

Revolving Doors Of Heaven

Well, now we have seen what we all knew to be the case, Johnny Storm the fabled Human Torch is alive and well. Not that we couldn’t see that coming, but I am pleasantly surprised as to how the youngest of the original Foursome was able to survive. Of course, if you have read Fantastic […]