When Justice League Meets Pixar

Justice League enthusiasts may have their own criticisms about the artwork (may being the operative word), but they will probably fight tooth and nail to defend their favorites. One can’t deny, though, that there are so many talented people out there who can do justice to the artwork, maybe even take things one step further. […]

11 Superhero Movies That Never Escaped Development Hell

With all of the great superhero movies that there have been, there’ve been quite a few stinkers as well. And then there have been some that never made it before cameras — both promising sounding scripts and some that were so very, very bad. Here are 11 superhero films that might have been.

Today’s The Day

Well, today’s the day that the New Fifty Two (hardly the catchiest of slogans) bursts out into existence, and the first sight of it is in Justice League #1. I can’t determine whether I like it or not. Well, that’s a total lie. I do like it, I like it a lot so far, on […]

Rebirth of Arsenal

Speedy never knew where he really belonged. Was he a super-hero or an intelligence agent? Avenger of the streets or junkie?

State of the Multiverse 70

It’s not new to have a hero on the run, pursued by former allies and the forces of the law. It is a little newer for said hero to actually be guilty of whatever they have been accused of I suppose, but not tremendously so. What a disappointing consequence to what was actually an excellent series.

State of the Multiverse 25

And the award for Most Bizarre Relationship goes to:-

State of the Multiverse 12

Not a lot released this week on the Big Two’s events. Blackest Night – Superman #1, the conclusion of the Dark Reign: Mr Negative mini and the penultimate issue of Dark Reign: The Hood. I have to comment that the first two really didn’t grab me a lot. In Blackest Night – Superman we see […]

State of the Multiverse 7

get a raw deal. If you have been reading The Last Days Of The Animal Man, you will already know that Buddy’s life has once more taken a turn for the worst. Fortunately, #3 has revealed to me (maybe I missed it before) that this series is actually set fifteen years in the future. We […]