Cool Keyboard Artwork That Will Make You Drool

Not everyone is capable of appreciating art, but even if you aren’t an art lover, I am pretty sure that this set of artwork will catch your eye! I ran across the collection at Walyou, where they featured 22 pieces. Here are some of the ones I liked the most. This computer chair is pretty […]

Give your MacBook a LEGO makeover

Etsy is home to all things handmade — both kooky and wondrous. Here’s one that could be either, depending on your love of plastic building blocks. An Etsy seller called “openandclose” has made available a set of stickers for your MacBook keyboard that resemble LEGO bricks. Specifically, the tops of LEGO bricks, where the studs […]

For the Geeky Chick – Keyboard Clutch

A few years ago, I applied for a job at a local magazine here in town. After the interview, the editor said to me, “So this is a fashion magazine. What would a guy like you want to do with fashion?” I replied, “It’s a challenge.” I didn’t get the job. Not then, anyways. A […]

Microsoft intros SideWinder X4 anti-ghosting gaming keyboard

Microsoft has unveiled its latest keyboard designed specifically for gamers. The SideWinder X4 claims to handle the problem of ghosting — where it’s impossible to determine exactly which of multiple keys have been pressed — by detecting up to 26 keys at any one time. Quite who can press 26 keys in one go is […]

You Heart GMail So Much You Need a Gboard

So, you live by GMail but you don’t have it synchronised with your desktop mail software, and you can’t remember the keyboard shortcuts to execute a range of useful commands? No, it doesn’t sound like me, either, but if you are, or know someone who is, the Gboard might be what’s needed. It’s a 19-key […]

4iThumbs: iPhone gets tactile keyboard overlay

Smartphone and cellphone users tend to be fairly clear about what type of keyboard they prefer on their device, be it the standard numeric keypad, a physical QWERTY keyboard or a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen. The iPhone has had its fair share of criticism from those who say the virtual keyboard is too difficult […]

Cool video: iPhone 3G S transforms with internal keyboard

For anyone that would love to have a real keyboard on their iPhone 3G S, take a look at this video which could offer a solution.

Video: Pressure sensitive computer keyboard concept

Here’s a pretty cool evolution of the standard computer keyboard, using flexible membranes printed with resistive carbon ink that react to changes in applied pressure due to more contact being made by the keys above.

Find: Old keyboard keys turned into rings

Should you be a fan of old computer keyboards and want to wear bits of them about your person, take a look at Culutrerevolution’s Etsy shop because there are plenty of rings to choose from.

Food keyboard: chocolate and biscuits

Food and IT go hand in hand. If you manage to combine both in to one item you’re on the right path. I had to grin when I saw this s’mores keyboard. Sadly there is no indication of any functionality or if it really is made out of food or just plastic. Seems like we’ll […]