King Down Hits Funding Target In Under 24 Hours

  Blood. Greed. Glory. Honor. A game of Kings…and a prequel to chess? This is how Saar Shai leading the team behind the game pitches ‘King Down’ anyway and it looks like his pitch has impressed some people as they have just raced past their funding target of $50,000 USD in less than 24 hours!  […]

GI Joe Toy Posters Hit 300% Of Funding

A Kickstarter campaign for posters of  the GI Joe 1986-87 carded figures, 1982-83 vehicles and 1982-85 file cards is coming into the last 3 days of the campaign and has already reached 300% of it’s funding target. Robert Carson Mataxis has been building his GI Joe fan site for the last two years, the site is […]

The Coolest is King of the Kickstarter Tech Crowdfunding Mountain

For a long while, the Pebble stood atop the crowdsourcing world as the biggest moneymaker of all, pulling in $10,266,845 from thousands of backers wanting a next gen smart watch before the rest of the world caught onto the craze. Back then, people figured it was time to stop looking at their phones and to […]

More Lovecraft For Kids! – Howard Lovecraft & the Three Kingdoms Graphic Novel

  We have more Lovecraft goodness here for fans of his work! Aracana’s popular series of children’s Lovecraft books by Bruce Brown are coming to Kickstarter to seek funding for for hardback editions of their series of books. The story is about a book with unimaginable power that falls into the hands of Howard Lovecraft […]

Hotline Miami Action Figures Are A Thing I Missed Last Week

  I love Hotline Miami but this one slipped under my radar. Last week on Kickstarter a new project popped up which was a collaboration by EscToy, Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital to seek funding to create 12″ replica figures of the main character from the Devolver Digital hit game ‘Hotline Miami’, the project was […]

Sega CD ‘Classic’ Night Trap Making a Comeback on Kickstarter…Looks Like A Disaster Already

Aaah the Sega CD, an add-on for the Sega Genesis released in 1992 when CDs were just becoming mainstream and gamers were wowed by ground breaking functions such as ‘full motion video’ (or FMV) except there wasn’t anything that ‘full’ about it as the movie sections were shrunk down into a tiny box. Sega also […]

N3ON City Rumble – The World’s First Beat-em-up Card Game

Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, classic beat ‘em-up games from the 80’s and 90’s. These were games set in dystopian cities where everything was lit up in neon, no side-alley was safe to go down at night due to knife wielding punks with strange piercings and justice was served by vigilantes often sporting […]

Three Tips for Writing Science Fiction

I have been working on Second Class Supers, a novel, with my wife for a year and a half, and the biggest takeaway for me is that creating a compelling science fiction world is difficult. When I was first writing down notes about a concept I had for a story, my wife approached me about […]

Second Class Supers – Fiction Where People Purchase Super Powers

Second Class Supers is the first novel by David Peralty and Annie Knowles. David, a long time blogger and web developer, came up with the idea and his wife, an Educational Assistant of children with special needs, collaborated and refined the story. I constantly mapped out different stories on Google Docs as things I wanted to someday […]

Con*Quest Adventure Journal – A Journal for Comic Cons

What do you do with all the stuff you get from a comic con such as the signed photos, stickers, business cards and other memorabilia? Stuff it in a box? Throw it all in a bag? Wouldn’t it be more practical and way more cooler if you had one place you could keep all this safe as […]