Space Brew: A New Sci-Fi Drinking Game

space brew

It never hurts to have drinks at any gathering. Whether you’re playing D&D, or you’re just hanging out discussing the merits of your superhero of choice (or bashing the ones you dislike), drinks are always welcome. And, of course, drinking games add to the fun. Especially if they’re along the lines of Sci-Fi drinking games. […]

Nothing Beats Drinking Beer Out of The “Number One Bigfoot Stein”


Before you say anything, don’t tell me you don’t think Bigfoot doesn’t exist. If you do, just stop right there and don’t go on reading. Bigfoot exists, as so many have had sightings. We just don’t have solid proof yet, but when the time’s right, he’ll show himself. Period. For the moment, we can get […]

Dice POPR Gaming Board – A Dice Rolling Gadget for the Modern Age

Dice POPR Gaming Board

RPG tabletop players, this one’s for you. Last year, we were fortunate to have partnered up with the guys at Geekify, who gave away cool items to our readers. This time, we have a chance to give them a helping hand. They are running a campaign on Kickstarter for an RPG Dice Board, the likes […]

Smart Earplugs Sound an Alarm Directly in your Ear (and doesn’t wake up your partner)

hush kickstarter

There are few things that seem worse than being woken up to the shrill blast of an alarm clock at 4:30AM, especially if it’s your significant other’s alarm clock and you don’t have to be up for another four hours. Three engineers from San Diego have come up with a solution to this problem and […]

GI Joe Toy Posters Hit 300% Of Funding


A Kickstarter campaign for posters of  the GI Joe 1986-87 carded figures, 1982-83 vehicles and 1982-85 file cards is coming into the last 3 days of the campaign and has already reached 300% of it’s funding target. Robert Carson Mataxis has been building his GI Joe fan site for the last two years, the site is […]

The Coolest is King of the Kickstarter Tech Crowdfunding Mountain

The Coolest Kickstarter

For a long while, the Pebble stood atop the crowdsourcing world as the biggest moneymaker of all, pulling in $10,266,845 from thousands of backers wanting a next gen smart watch before the rest of the world caught onto the craze. Back then, people figured it was time to stop looking at their phones and to […]