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This is your brain on ice

Brain shaped ice cube trays. Isn’t that all you need to know? Nine bucks will net you this silicon mold that makes four ice cubes (though I guess “ice spheres” would be more apt) shaped like tiny little brains. ThinkGeek, who sells this awesome little doodad, suggests using them as novelty items at a zombie-themed […]

Gradient portable drinks heater/cooler looking good

I’m a fan of good looking and useful kitchen appliances, despite not having a big enough kitchen to house them all, so this Gradient portable electric drinks heater/cooler caught my eye. Not only does it serve a dual purpose (not at the same time, obviously) but it looks pretty good too. The bottom hotplate takes […]

Concept spherical coffee maker

I think it’s fair to say that we like our coffee makers here at Forever Geek – after all, they serve up the brew as and when we need caffeine. That is, apart from the concept ones which, by nature, don’t exist yet. Not in production, at least. Take this one designed by Kamil Kurka […]

Shot Carver: Get Fruity!

It is pretty obvious by now that my night was full of fun that involved some amount of alcohol, isn’t it? Don’t worry – we all drank moderately and were responsible adults. At the end of the night, I had tons of fun. That night made me go look for cool drinking gadgets, though, and […]

The Gota Dishwasher

Alright ‘ya geeks, I think there’s no escaping dishwashing chores from here on eh? Not when the world has for ‘ya something to keep you interested washing your own dishes at least! This is the Gota dishwasher designed by Ibsen Caldas and is made from ABS polycarbonate. It has the single geek in mind. Washing […]