3D Printing Just Keeps Getting Cooler and Cooler [LEGO Alert!]

The DIY culture may not be a default in many societies, but the advent of 3D printing certainly helps in making more people excited about creating things with their own hands. Of course, 3D printing is not exactly manual labor, but there is still something to be said about making something yourself. And while 3D […]

16 New Simpsons LEGO Minifigs Announced!

Aside from a super cool house set, there are 16 new Simpsons LEGO minifigs that were recently revealed. They’re set to go on sale on May 1st. The LEGO-themed Simpsons episode is coming out two days later, May 4th! The minifigs are priced at $3.99 so get your wallet ready. Take a look at some […]

Calling All Whovians! Doctor Who LEGO Needs Your Votes.

Lego Cuusoo has already created Lego versions of Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, but this time they’re turning to our favorite Time Lords. Out of all the Doctor Who Lego concepts submitted, this one by video game designer Andrew Clark shows the most promise. He designed a 530-piece set that would have a TARDIS, a […]

The Battle of Helm’s Deep Amazingly Recreated With LEGO

With 150,000 LEGO pieces, what could YOU do? This LEGO recreation of the Battle of the Hornburg (though I prefer to call it the Battle of Helm’s Deep) is mind-blowing. Flickr user goelkim2011 sure is one dedicated Tolkien fan! It took four months to make and it weighs an impressive 160 pounds. Imagine seeing this marvel in […]

Cherno Alpha from Pacific Rim Is Livin’ LEGO Large!

Pacific Rim was my favorite movie last year and I’m not even kidding. I came in with zero expectations and left wanting my own Jaeger for science, of course. Who wouldn’t marvel at the slick and gorgeous giant robots that embodied everything that Transformers should have been but failed to achieve? Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, and Striker Eureka […]

Oscar Nominees Get The LEGO Treatment

We know you all want more LEGO art. Designer Old Red Jalopy created posters for Yahoo! Movies and it’s probably better than the real ones out right now. He took the posters of nine Oscar nominated movies, and made them look like they would fit right into a LEGO world. Our personal favorite has to be ‘Gravity’. […]

Get Ready For An All LEGO Simpsons Episode!

Had enough of LEGO goodness yet? No? Me neither! It seems like the good folks over at The Simpsons feel the same way too. After getting a Simpsons themed LEGO set released, we’re going to get an all LEGO Simpsons episode. Expect the episode this May 2014! It’s going to be the 550th episode, entitled […]

Get Ready For The Nightly News At Nine!

Having just seen The Lego Movie, I needed more Lego anything. Nightly News at Nine is just the show I’ve been looking for. It’s a “comedy web series following New Block City’s greatest team of journalists, created entirely with stop-motion animation and Legos.” How could anyone read that and not fall in love immediately? It was […]

The Red Wedding in LEGO

You’ve probably seen the latest video released by HBO to heighten the anticipation for the upcoming season of The Game of Thrones. But, just in case you want more, here it is again: Game of Thrones Season 4: Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing That’s as awesome as awesome gets right now, but I think this […]

Beautiful LEGO Is A Visual Treat

Beautiful LEGO by Mike Doyle is a visual treat for LEGO fans both young and old. When you mix thousands of LEGO bricks with dozens of talented artists, you get the stunning compendium of artwork that is Beautiful LEGO. Recreations are not limited to things you see everyday, but you’ll also be able to see […]

Get 6% Off On LEGO Minecraft Micro World!

Minecraft players, if you’ve been in the game for some time now and haven’t seen the connection to LEGO sets, then you must either be blind or experiencing memory loss when you hit your head after stepping on a LEGO block one too many times. The whole concept of building (and destroying) cubes of dirt, […]

The Learning Power of Lego!

Legos aren’t just great fun–or a great pain, if you step on them during the middle of the night. They’re very educational and popular with children as well. Whether it’s a simple square house or a detailed replica of the city of Gondor, playing with Legos stimulates creativity. Not yet convinced? Take a look at […]

Appreciate Art More With This LEGO Mona Lisa

Not everyone gets art, but with this LEGO Mona Lisa, I am sure you’ll find that there is an art connoisseur within you. Italian designer Marco Sodano has created classic art pieces in pixelated LEGO style, making sure that you exercise your eye muscles by squinting to make sure you got the art right. More […]

See Rivendell Built Using 200,000 LEGO Pieces

After building Hogwarts Academy using 400,000 LEGO pieces, Alice Finch clearly needed to keep feeding her geek-building side. Together with David Frank, Finch created this 5-foot x 10-foot representation of Lord Elrond’s domain on Middle Earth. Elves, dwarves, and a hobbit or two can be seen roaming the grounds since Rivendell was the place where […]

The LEGO Movie Official Trailer

No words can describe just how much fun I had watching this trailer over and over again. We have to wait till February 7, 2014 for The LEGO Movie to come out, but in the meantime… …I’m Batman.

50 Awesome LEGO Movie Posters

When you put LEGO and movies together, something magical happens. This huge collection of LEGO movie posters proves it.

25 Killer Breaking Bad Mashups

Breaking Bad is nearing its final episode. How will it end? Will Walter pay for his crimes? Will he succumb to cancer? While you wait to find out, enjoy these amazing Breaking Bad mashups.

This LEGO Prosthetic Leg Is the Most Amazing Thing You’ll See Today

This goes beyond awesome. It really does. LEGO has always been one of the most amazing toys a child – or child at heart – can have. Not only does it give you endless hours of pleasure, but it also makes your brain work, bringing out the creative in you. While not everyone truly gets […]

Game of Thrones LEGO Minifigs on Sale NOW!

Get your credit cards, debit cards, or whatever you use to purchase online out. NOW. Back in 2011, when the Game of Thrones mania was already building up – albeit not as feverish as it is today – we featured Game of Thrones LEGO minifigs. That was certainly eye candy, but the bad news was […]

10 Awesome LEGO Movie Trailers

With a digital camera and a whole lot of patience, anyone can remake their favorite movie trailer in LEGO. But only a few have the talent to make LEGO movie trailers that are this good.