The Curse of the Third Movie

Not a lot of superhero franchises make it to a third film, but when they do… Why do they always seem to stumble? It’s happened at least five times by my reckoning, and there are some upcoming thirds that you ought to be quaking in your boots over, too.

20 Killer Video Game Movie Posters

Imagine if your favorite video game was a big-screen movie. That’s what these talented poster artists did, and the results speak for themselves.

The Muppets Most Embarrassing Moments

It’s official: the new Muppets movie is a hit! Not only that, but critics and audiences seem to unanimously agree that it’s the movie that returns the Muppets to their former glory. But despite our nostalgic adoration of Jim Henson’s beloved characters, the Muppets have starred in some pretty appalling stuff. Like this.

5 Black Friday Gamer Deals You Can’t Miss

Because I love you, dear reader. That’s why I scoured through all of the Black Friday ads to compile this list of the best deals for scoring quality gaming hardware at deep discounts. ‘Cause if you’re going out on Thanksgiving night to wait in line in the cold, darn it you should know if it’s […]

10 Geeky Photo Mosaics

Geeky visuals alert! Check out these ten giant images made of hundreds (or thousands) of smaller images, aka photo mosaics.

The 10 Geekiest Movie Cars Ever

Step back, Top Gear. Here are ForeverGeek’s picks for the geekiest cars ever to grace the silver screen, with incredible designs and loads of, shall we say, “non-standard options.”

Guess What’s In These Microscopic Photos

Photomicrographs are pictures taken at extreme close-up through a microscope. And I mean extreme. There are photos in this collection that are magnified to where you can see individual atoms. Bet you can’t guess what the everyday items are in these 12 photos.

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Do you know what would you do if a zombie apocalypse happened for real? ForeverGeek is here to help. Because becoming a meal for a ravaging flesh-eater isn’t fun for anybody.

7 Geeky Couches

You live in a geeky house. You’ve got your own geeky home cinema. Now all you need is a good couch to park on and enjoy all that awesomeness. Here are seven sofas that will help you get your geek on. You may not get much relaxation out of them, but your geek cred will […]

20 Incredible Tributes to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of us. The ultimate anti-establishment rebel who became the establishment, yet refused to play by anyone else’s rules. A geek kid from California who dropped out of college, played with electronics in his garage, and over the course of his 56 years, changed the world forever. Jobs’ fans and admirers are […]