12 Famous Cars Gone Pixar

What happens when Disney/Pixar’s Cars is mashed up with twelve famous movie and TV vehicles? Click through to find out.

A Geeky Guide to Fall’s New Shows

Here in the U.S., Fall is when TV networks try to win over viewers with new shows, and this season is gonna be a big one for us geeks. Here’s a handy guide to all the new shows you should know about.

20 Calvin and Hobbes Mashups

I can think of no other modern comic strip that inspires such fiercely passionate fandom as Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson’s masterful work has also inspired some fans to mix up the titular duo with other pop culture figures.

7 Movies That Should’ve Been Franchises

With all of the recycled junk that Hollywood throws at us, we’re certainly not left wanting for sequels. But where so many movies given the franchise treatment have resulted in unwatchable dreck, there are some terrific movies that just beg for sequels — cries that no one has answered.

28 Geeky Ice Cubes

Stay cool in these dog days of summer with ice that comes in geek-friendly shapes. Who says geeks aren’t cool?

12 Upcoming Disney Projects Shown at D23 Expo

Disney showed off its entire upcoming slate of films — and unveiled some new titles for the first time — at the D23 Expo over the weekend. Here’s a full roundup of everything Disney’s sending to the multiplex over the next few years, including animated and live-action movies by Disney, Pixar, and Marvel. Inside: video […]

12 Dead Superheroes Who Didn’t Stay Dead

All this business lately with the death of (Ultimate) Spider-Man generated the same response in me as pretty much everybody else: Peter Parker will be back. Because as we all know, nobody stays dead in comic books. Here are 12 prime examples of superhero resurrections.

10 Awesome Superhero Weapons

The majority of superheroes have powers that function as their weapons. But some others get their powers from their weapons, or wield gadgets that augment their powers. Here are ten of the coolest superhero weapons there are.

Angry Birds Obsession

I have to be honest: I don’t get why Angry Birds is so big. It’s a perfectly enjoyable video game, and I can enjoy slingshotting birds across the screen as much as the next guy. But is it really worthy of the incredible superstardom it’s achieved? To find out, let’s look at some of the […]

25 Hacked Road Signs

A recent fad almost as popular as planking is the art of hacking electronic road signs. It’s remarkably easy to sneak up to these things when nobody’s looking and input your own message for passersby to read. A quick Internet search will turn up instructions on how it’s done; here are 25 of the most […]

13 Film Franchises That Must Die

Hollywood loves sequels. It loves them so much that they often get made instead of… you know, original stories. Here are 13 film franchises that have long outlived their usefulness — but refuse to go away.

50 MORE Star Wars Mashups

Last month, I showed you why Star Wars is the movie that’s influenced pop culture more than any other, as evidenced by these 50 Star Wars Mashups. Because it was so much fun, I couldn’t resist presenting 50 more!

10 Mind-Blowing Stop Motion Videos

Stop motion animation is a rare thing these days. In the age of computer animation, it takes a special kind of animator to endure the incredible patience and painstaking skill required to animate real-world objects, one frame at a time. Yet for those remaining devotees, the production values have continued to advance with the times. […]

10++ Game of Thrones Theme Song Covers

[UPDATED: April 8, 2014] We started out with these 10 Game of Thrones theme song covers several years back, when the TV show was just starting to catch on. Of course, more fans have gone to great lengths to create their own Game of Thrones theme song covers, and we thought that updating this post […]

16 Time Machines

Writing a time travel story is easy. Anybody can do it. Just think up a scenario where someone goes backwards or forwards in time, and interacts with the events there. The tricky part is in making the time machine believable. Whether by science or magic, here are sixteen of the most memorably awesome (and memorably […]

How Geeks Do Hamburgers

Happy 4th of July! Whether you’re celebrating this patriotic day here in the U.S.A., or you live elsewhere and know nothing about it, there’s one thing we can all agree on: hamburgers. Who doesn’t love a good burger, especially on the one national holiday that was invented for grilling out? This Independence Day, enjoy a […]

12 Homemade Life-Size Transformers

In honor of Transformers: Dark of the Moon opening this week, I present to you 12 life-sized Transformers sculptures and statues. Every one is made to scale (aka, they’re huge) or close to scale, and they’re all made by fans. Prepare to be amazed.

World’s 10 Geekiest Houses

There are geeks, and then there are Geeks: the ones willing to go to any lengths to show the world how much they love whatever it is they’re passionate about. Even if it means transforming their home into a virtual shrine. Here are my picks for the world’s teen geekiest houses. (Add a link to […]

50 Star Wars Mashups

Is there any property that’s had a greater impact on pop culture than Star Wars? I don’t think so. Here are 50 examples to prove it.