10 Foreign Books that Helped Inspire Anime

Ideas for anime series rarely come out of thin air. A large number of anime are adaptations of manga, light novels, visual novels, or video games. In addition to these media, there are anime adaptations of non-Japanese literature such as Franz Kafka’s ‘A Country Doctor’. While it is obvious when a foreign book gets a […]

‘Book Art’ by Isaac Salazar – Incredible 3D Typography

Literature is art, but discarded works of literature as art?  Pictured above is evidence of just that and there’s a great deal more from an artist creating tremendous pieces in his spare time.

Dante’s Divine Comedy Goes the Graphic Novel Route

I have a confession: I have never read Dante’s Divine Comedy.  I remember that it was required reading at some point when I was in school, but I guess I was able to get away with not doing homework more often than I realized.  Still, I do know the literary value of Dante’s work and […]