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Navigate The Web With A Map Of The Internet 1.0

If you remember XKCD’s map of online communities, then you’ll be amazed at what Slovakian graphic designer Martin Vargic/Jay Jason Simons did. He is currently working on  a Map of the Internet 1.0 that attempts to be a “succesful compendation of The Internet to scale suitable for standardized online navigation”. The Map of the Internet 1.0 will be updated regularly […]

The Lands of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Map Collection

Any fantasy enthusiast has a decent imagination. At the very least. I am sure that we all have our own versions of what the characters of our favorite fantasy tales look like, how their villages are arranged, how their houses are designed, and so on. It’s all part of loving the genre. We make up […]

Film and Song Maps for Cartography Lovers

There’s something to be said about maps, and I might not be a cartography nerd, but it can be fun looking at maps. That is, as long as I am not expected to actually find my way around. ((That’s not 100% true, of course.)) Now there are maps that you use to get your bearings, […]

Mapping Stereotypes Calendar: Not for the Politically Correct

We just released the only 2012 movie calendar that you will need, and I think that many of you found more than a few interesting titles in there. (Remember that you can give your input by getting in touch with us via the link given in the post!) Anyhow, if you are into calendars that […]

Rorschmap Puts the Fun in Google Maps

Does anyone remember what it was like when Google Maps first came out? If memory serves me correctly, the service was launched some time in 2005. What I do remember is not finding much use for it back then since my area was not covered yet. Today, I cannot count the number of times I […]

Map of the Square and Stationary Earth

Map lovers, here is something that you would want to take notice of: The Map of the Square and Stationary Earth. This map was drawn by Professor Orlando Ferguson in Hot Springs, South Dakota way back in 1893. Today, there seems to be only one in existence – at least the only intact one. The […]

The Ultimate Hyrule Map

Legend of Zelda fans: you can’t live without this absolutely killer map of Hyrule. Nintendo’s bestselling fictional fantasy world has never looked better (or been taken more seriously) than it is in this ingenious, high-quality map. In honor of the game’s 25th anniversary, artist Bill Mudron spent who-knows-how-many hours pouring an insane amount of detail […]

Insurance Map Typography

Typography is one of the things that some of us here at ForeverGeek are passionate about. I will definitely not claim to know much about typography, but I think that I have spotted some rather interesting antique samples. Now insurance maps may not be the first thing that come to mind if you are looking […]

Map of Europe in LEGO

There is no doubt that everyone at ForeverGeek has this thing about LEGO – who doesn’t, anyway? Just take a quick look at the numerous LEGO posts that we have, and you’ll know what I mean. The chances are that you are also into LEGO, and just in case you have this thing for maps […]

Home of TV Series Stars Blueprints: Bruce Wayne Mansion

Artist Mark Bennet has several prints of maps of the house of TV Series stars up for sale. Interesting or boring, I don’t know. The jury’s still out on that one but a map of the House of The Jetsons or the Bruce Wayne Mansion is always welcome here and we here at FG obviously […]

Cartography Nerds Attention: 10 Awesome Map Tattoos

We here at ForeverGeek are big tattoo fans and urgently need more ink ourselves. And before you say something… no I’m not the only one here who post about tattoos. So I have something to admit. I love maps. Awesome maps are awesome. When recently my attention was drawn to this gorgeous whole back world […]

Google Earth gets a boost with high-res color imagery from GeoEye

I love Google Earth, though it’s one of those apps that I have to limit myself on because otherwise I’d spend all day zooming around its terrain instead of working, eating, sleeping… So it’s good news that GeoEye has started delivering some of the high-resolution color images from its latest satellite – GeoEye-1 – to […]

Google Maps Standalone Mode

This is what makes Google applications so powerful: their ability to get hacked…in a good way. Google Maps has been the Google h0tness for this year and is the latest application to get a major reworking from the outside world. This site shows you how to use a couple of inputs and XML files to […]