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7 Nerdy Bookshelves to House Your Just-as-Nerdy Collection

Geeks and nerds devour knowledge like a hungry T-rex faced with a bunch of “tourists” who shouldn’t be there in the first place. While the Internet has certainly made it so much easier to find information, there is nothing like a good old book to hold in your hand. From comic books to omnibuses (or […]

Mario and Peach Break Up Over #GamerGate

We know it’s a serious matter, even with some trolls joining the fray. Whatever your stand is in the GamerGate issue, you’re totally entitled to your opinion. What we have for you today is a video created by the guys at Funny or Die will either make you laugh or piss you off. We’ll just […]

Pop Culture Bento Boxes Will Make You Eat More Healthily

We can’t deny it. Unless you’re a total foodie, and you have lots of time to make food or go out to restaurants, we mainly live off of easy-to-eat crap food. Pot noodles, Cheetos, more pot noodles, pizza, microwaveable meals, more pizza, and sometimes the occasional homemade pasta dish. If you’re still living with you […]

Pop Culture Popsicles Bring Frozen Fun!

Super cool illustrator Andrew Heath took our favorite pop culture characters from TV shows, movies, and video games and turned them into colorful popsicles. We love how his ‘Pop Culture Popsicles’ series turns the likes of Walter White  and Ron Swanson into frozen delights. Andrew says he’ll be making 50 prints and selling them at the 2014 Lexington […]

Classic Video Games Reimagined as Romance Novels

This begins today’s series of posts all on popular video games and movies reimagined as books! When you think about romance novels, you instantly imagine a buff, barely-dressed man with long flowing locks, clutching an equally barely-dressed busy dame. It’s not something we’d be proud to show off reading while on the train, but it’s […]

Ukiyo-e Heroes Mixes Video Game Icons And Ancient Japanese Art

Artist Jed Henry and traditional woodblock printing craftsman Dave Bull combined the best of the past and the present by blending traditional Japanese woodblock art and modern Japanese video games. Classic video game icons like Link, Mario, Donkey Kong, and others are depicted in the very visually appealing ukiyo style. Can you recognize the characters […]

Luigi Gets an Awesome Art Book!

It isn’t solely Mario’s world anymore! Luigi gets some much deserved love with an art book that features 32 original art pieces by 32 designers. There’s only one rule: Keep Luigi’s original colors! It’s the first in a series of art books called Game Icons, created by Game Paused, that seek to combine the best of art and […]

This Week on Instagram (April 1-5)

How's it going, ForeverGeek Instagrammers? We've got a few nifty photos for you on our feed, but we've spotted more from the people we follow. We have a question for you. What kinds of photos do you like most on Instagram? I know that question opens up so many possibilities, but go ahead and

This Week on Instagram

As we shared with you earlier this week, we have joined the Instagram bandwagon. We’d like to share some of the more interesting photos we’ve posted and seen from those we follow every week. After all, we always could use some eye candy on Fridays! This week, we have a taste of Christmas thanks to […]

Handmade Mario and Princess Peach Bras. Get Your DIY Kit Out

Almost every day something new and geeky finds its way to an Etsy store and often it’s difficult to keep up with all new awesome items on Etsy – or we think they’re cool but just not cool enough. This time though, user SceeneShoes caught my attention with a serious of handmade bras ((No feminists […]

33 Untooned Cartoon Characters

I’m sure you’ve seen those awesome “untooned” images, where some talented digital artist created a photo-realistic version of a famous cartoon character, depicting what they would look like if they existed in real life. Here’s a collection of the very best of the best.

What if Super Mario Bros. Was an FPS?

The most blissful minute-and-a-half you’ll experience all day is just ahead. It sets a new standard in awesome. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be Mario in Super Mario Bros.? To run through his side-scrolling world from a first-person perspective, jumping over the pipes and bricks, and living inside Mario’s hyper-realistic, […]

Mario Goes Minimalist

Simple is beautiful. Forget the ornate. Some things are so stark that they become wonderful to behold. Now I don’t know if you buy into that way of thinking, but the chances are that you will not be able to ignore what this dude has done with the classic Mario.

Pac-Man vs. Mario

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if the video game characters Mario and Pac-Man wound up in the same game together… wonder no more! This clever little hand-drawn short film shows exactly who would come out on top if these two icons were to go head-to-head.

Top 8(+2) NES Speedruns and Why I Could Never Do Them

Let’s begin with the definition of a speedrun first. A speedrun is a play-through, or recording thereof, of a video game performed with the intent of completing it as quickly as possible, optionally under certain prerequisites, mainly for the purposes of entertainment and competition. Wikipedia Throughout my 25+ years of gaming I have tried a […]

Nintendo History of Mario wall clock

Here’s a great wall clock decorated with twelve different images of Mario, charting his evolution from the extremely pixelated early years to his current higher definition state — after all, he’s been around for quite some time so he’s certainly seen some changes in hardware capabilities.

Mario-themed USB sticks a must have

So now we know what Mario looks like with different moustaches, it’s time to combine our love for the Italian-American plumber and USB with these Mario themed memory sticks. All with 4GB storage, we have Mario, Shroom, Goomba, Koopa, and the Mario question mark (which is actually a USB extender). There used to be a […]

Lego Super Mario

The awesomest about this Lego Super Mario, by Keith Brogan, is not only that Mario is made out of Legos and huge (75cm high), but also the whole procedure to get there. A 3D wireframe of Mario? W00t!