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Mars Rover Landing Comes to Xbox Kinect

NASA has devised a clever way to educate the public about their risky landing on Mars with the Curiosity rover: translate the entire experience to Xbox Kinect, and make it a free download.

NASA Three-year Mars journey presented in three minutes

It took the NASA Mars Rover Opportunity three years to cover 13 miles of otherworldly terrain, but now you can experience the journey condensed into a three minute span. NASA recently posted the “Rovers Eye View” video on its website gallery, explaining the Mars trek took the vehicle from Victoria crater to Endeavour crater between […]

Moral Dilemma: The One-Way Ticket to Mars

Would it bother you to know that a colony’s worth of bold adventurers set off from Earth to Mars with zero hope of returning? Could you rally behind a suicide mission, even with so grand a purpose? Those are the questions, among many others, being asked about a privately-organized mission to colonize Mars which, if […]

Radiation Could Delay Human Mars Landing, Sun Cycles To Blame

The United States and China would really like to land human beings on Mars, unfortunately plans to begin that flight in 2025 and land in 2035 might be delayed due to an increased chance of radiation poisoning. The issue is that during space travel Astronauts in deep space are affected by varying levels of Sun […]

Mystery Object Circles Distant Star, Possibly Breaks The Laws Of Physics

There’s nothing like waking up at NASA one day and realizing there’s an object orbiting Distance Star that shouldn’t be there, but that’s exactly what has happened this week. The object circling the star is 500 light years away and is said to be eight times larger than Jupiter and according to Discovery News it […]