Wanna Love

Avengers #1

You know when you are excited about something, and that something, when it finally arrives, is somehow everything that was promised, but somehow there’s something missing? It’s all shiny and nearly what you wanted, but just not quite? That’s how I feel about Avengers #1. I want to like it, I really do. After Jonathon […]

Crunch Time

Avengers Vs X-Men 12

So today is the day we see the conclusion of Avengers Vs X-Men, and we prepare for Marvel’s great relaunch as Marvel Now! At least we are not getting a One Year Later or DCnU style reboot, but a continuation built upon what has passed before. Considering that the aforementioned reboots were DC’s third and […]

The Future Is Legion

Some of the early covers of the New Mutants are worth framing!

One of the most welcome developments of Marvel Now, is the news that the focus of X-Men Legacy is going to be the errant son of Professor Xavier himself, David Haller, the mutant otherwise known as Legion. Just on the off chance that you do not know, David Haller is one of the most powerful […]

Independent Action


And a happy Independence Day to all our American readers. To celebrate, I thought I would dig up this blast from the past, celebrating the 250th issue of Captain America. Ah, the halcyon days when a three figure issue number was a good thing! We must have been made of sterner stuff back then, not […]