The 5 Most Beautifully Unsettling Things The Joker Has Ever Done

the joker

You ever have the urge to grab someone’s face and jam your thumbs into their eye sockets? Just sink them in until the ocular fluid is pouring all over your hand like so much vaginal discharge? Have you ever looked at a field of flowers and just ran through them, shattering their beautiful petals under […]

From We3 to Saga: 5 Graphic Novels That Would Make Fantastic Films


There are so many comic book and graphic novels getting made into movies, but they are all cut from the same cloth. Superhero or superhero team stop massive, intergalactic threat against humanity. Yes, it is fun, but there are a shit-ton of graphic novels out there right now that could be adapted into films that […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: the Biggest Moments in Movies and TV

SDCC 2015 - Batman v Superman armor

It’s nearly impossible to encapsulate San Diego Comic-Con 2015 in a single post with mere words. As it’s always been, you have to be there to fully understand what it’s all about and how it affects a person. No matter what you go to San Diego Comic-Con for, what you get is almost always not […]

Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con with John Barrowman and our Cosplay Gallery!

Amazing Las Vegas 2015 - John Barrowman

Where do you go in Las Vegas in June when the temperatures reach a scorching 111 degrees Fahrenheit during the day? You head to the cool comfort of a convention center floor at the South Point Casino & Spa for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con! Okay, maybe you didn’t, but I sure did. It was […]

What DC Needs To Do To Beat The Marvel Comics Movies

marvel comics movies

Let’s be honest here among geeks for a second. Marvel comics movies have been cleaning up and pretty much owning. Whereas DC movies can be pretty great (look at Dark Knight series as example, even though it is still wrought with errors), DC have still not stepped up their movie game aggressively enough to even […]

D23 Expo 2015 Reveals Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney Studios Lineup

D23 Expo 2015

If you were to ask someone what the biggest geek convention of 2015 would be, they’d probably say San Diego Comic-Con, and it would be a safe bet that they were right. But this year, that title isn’t easily held. Consider the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, held just a month later and a few […]

6 Reasons We Are Excited For ‘Ant-Man’

Ant man

Amid all the hype about Batman Vs. Superman and the new Star Wars trailer, seems a trailer dropped that was quite awesome and it kind of got ignored. A trailer that hints that we might just break away from the darkness and nastiness in all movies we seem to be getting lately and get back […]

6 Things We Pray We Get From the Deadpool Movie


Deadpool is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel universe. Though he may have started off as a Deadshot ripoff (and just like that, Slade Wilson became Wade Wilson), he has evolved into a hilarious, mischievous, often vile anti-hero that many comic fans have really fallen in love with. From his self-deprecating humor […]