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Geeky Gamer Necklaces From Boxinghobo!

Good gamer necklaces are hard to find. Even if you’re not picky to begin with, a lot of what’s being offered tends to be the same old repetitive charms and pendants. If you want to wear necklaces that aren’t gaudy or childish, then Boxinghobo has got you covered with these classy gamer necklaces you can […]

Top 5 Games to Rock Your Gaming PC

The appeal of building your own gaming PC is that you have complete control over the components that make your experience enjoyable. The GPU and CPU will directly affect the maximum graphics setting you can use. The keyboard and mouse that you select will control the comfort of your arms and hands during game play. The […]

A Field Guide to Zombies

Don't know a Walker from an Infected? Should you find yourself face-to-face with a zombie, this handy guide will teach you to identify the most common types of zombies and how to kill them.

A Mass Effect Sequel or Prequel?

The producer of the next Mass Effect game is looking for fan feedback: Do you want the fourth game to be a sequel or a prequel?

BioWare Will NOT Change Mass Effect 3’s Ending

BioWare is standing behind the controversial (some say “convoluted”) ending to its blockbuster Mass Effect trilogy, refusing to change it, despite the pleading and demanding of its fans. But they are going to release an “Extended Cut” DLC that expands on the ending.

BioWare May Change Mass Effect 3’s Ending

Mass Effect fans seem to have a serious bee in their bonnet about how the story of Commander Shepherd ends. So much so that they’ve raised $77,000+ to donate to charity as a way of raising awareness for their petition for BioWare to have the game changed.

Mass Effect 3 Trailer May Make You Wet Yourself

Update 2/21/12: Trailer has been replaced with the full, 3-minute cinematic version. The latest (and last?) Mass Effect 3 trailer should come with a warning that reads, “Do not drink caffeine before watching.” Because you won’t need any after you see it. Take a minute and a half out of your day and watch it, […]

WANT: Mass Effect Monopoly!

It’s impossible to believe, but this is not a commercial product. It’s homemade. DeviantArt user “tommyfilth” created this amazing Monopoly game, themed around the video game series Mass Effect. I’m in awe of this dude’s skills.

Finally: A Mass Effect Movie (Sort of)

BioWare is teaming with FUNimation Entertainment to create an anime feature film set in the Mass Effect universe. Don’t bother looking for Commander Shepard or any of his crew. This animated movie will tell a story that takes place in the game’s universe, but stars original characters created just for the film.