What is the Future of Motion Control in Video Games?

When it introduced the Wii, Nintendo showed us that there’s more to video game controllers than just pressing buttons. Interestingly, the results of Nintendo’s motion control experiment went better than expected: the Wii became the top-selling console of its generation and the third best-selling console of all time. When the games industry realised that Nintendo was actually on to something, rivals suddenly started jumping on the bandwagon.

The problem with the bandwagon effect, however, is that they’re almost always merely a fad. Will motion controls eventually become a staple in gaming hardware and the games themselves? Or will it eventually be forgotten, just like the full-motion video games craze of the 1990s? To find out, let’s try looking at what’s in store for motion gaming. [Read more…]

E3 2012: Xbox

Microsoft came out swinging when it kicked off E3 2012 at its annual media briefing this morning. Xbox wowed the audience with a big Halo 4 presentation, the surprise announcement of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and much more. [Read more…]