The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project

Star Wars fans, listen up! The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project is something that you won’t want to miss out on. The project is the brain child of Chris Lee, who is obviously a Star Wars fans. Together with his team, he has taken it upon himself to build a Millennium Falcon that would blow the […]

Star Wars: The Blueprints is the Only Star Wars Book You’ll Want This Year!

Star Wars fans, there is no other book that you will want to buy this year after seeing what the guys at Epic Ink have in store for you! They are releasing a collection of blueprints and photos of many of the things you have fallen in love with. The book is called “Star Wars:The […]

Millennium Falcon Blueprints

How cool is this? Wired has posted the blueprints for Han Solo’s signature ship, as first published in 1987’s Star Wars: The Role-Playing Game, by the now-defunct West End Books. The book is long out-of-print, but this is one of its finest schematics. The schematic is full of references to stuff mentioned in the Original […]