15 of the Scariest Movie Posters You Won’t Want to See

Horror movies are not my thing, although I have been foraying into the genre in the past months. I’ve taken things slowly, starting TV shows that give me the creeps. Then I was caught aback with The Conjuring. There’s one thing in common during all those times I spend watching horror movies/TV shows: I have […]

When Cult Movie Posters Get the World Cup Treatment

The World Cup is upon us, and while some couldn’t care less, Italian designers Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato have taken it upon themselves to mesh together cult movie posters and the World Cup. There are official World Cup posters, of course, but I dare say these are more interesting. That’s just a taste, there’s […]

First ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Character Poster: Groot and Rocket

So we’ve got the first movie poster for the Guardians of the Galaxy, and they went with Groot and Rocket. No surprise there, as they are probably going to be the most popular characters from the movie. Directed by James Gunn, the Guardians of the Galaxy will start showing in theaters on August 1. Are […]

10 Awesomely Horrible Movie Posters

Any movie geek with a decent amount of film know-how can remember their favorite movie posters. Whether it’s one of the classics or had a visual that instantly made them go ‘Wow!’, there’s no doubt that movie posters play an important part in a moviegoer’s experience. Here are 10 hilarious interpretations of famous movie posters. […]

Classic Movie Posters Turn Minimalist

Really minimalist. You might have noticed that we have a propensity for minimalist posters. From Dark Knight Rises posters to Disney posters to house sigils of Westeros – we’ve got you covered. Of course, we couldn’t ignore this recent feature by My Modern Met – classic movie posters given the minimalist touch. And, as I […]

Superman vs. Batman Fan Posters

2015 is still a long ways away, but we can still dream of what it will be like to finally see Superman and Batman on screen together, in Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel. Here are 17 fan-made posters to whet your appetite.

50 Awesome LEGO Movie Posters

When you put LEGO and movies together, something magical happens. This huge collection of LEGO movie posters proves it.

When Movie Posters Get Lamp-ified

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely admire the creative brains behind movie posters. Well, at least those posters that strike something deep inside you, or at least make you take a second, third, or fourth look. No doubt about it, not everyone can design movie posters that will forever be remembered. Now what […]

20 Man of Steel Fan-Made Posters

Man of Steel is about to reboot the legend of Superman, and the incredible visuals in the trailers has already inspired some amazing fan art. Check out these fake Man of Steel movie posters that look as good as the real thing.

Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Poster Destroys London

The first official image from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness is here, and it may make your eyes jump out of your head.