New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Is Out!

There is no doubt that Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most looked-forward to movies this year, and here’s another trailer to make us anticipate Marvel’s movie even more. Take a close look at this trailer as it reveals more scenes that should blow our socks off come screening day. Guardians of the […]

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Official Movie Trailer 3

There’s a whole new world of dragons out there, and it’s just waiting for us to discover it. I am so excited – I’ll just leave this here!

The LEGO Movie Official Trailer

No words can describe just how much fun I had watching this trailer over and over again. We have to wait till February 7, 2014 for The LEGO Movie to come out, but in the meantime… …I’m Batman.

10 Awesome LEGO Movie Trailers

With a digital camera and a whole lot of patience, anyone can remake their favorite movie trailer in LEGO. But only a few have the talent to make LEGO movie trailers that are this good.

Man of Steel Eye Candy

The more I see of Man of Steel, the more excited I get. Feast your eyes on the incredible visuals from the film’s latest trailer, with these 130+ screengrabs.

Screencaps: Jack the Giant Slayer

Do trailers give away too much? The latest trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer is a resounding vote for yes. We’ve got 66 screencaps of all that CGI eye candy, but I dare say you’ll know every major beat of the movie if you check them out. So… spoilers ahead.

The Super Bowl Movie Trailers

It’s a good day to be a Ravens fan, but maybe even a better one to be a movie fan. The Super Bowl unleashed several new movie trailers on us, all including brand new footage, and you can watch them all right here.

A Few New Glimpses At ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

A second teaser trailer has been released for Star Trek Into Darkness. Some of the shots we saw in the last trailer, but here’s a quick look at all the new stuff.

100 Pacific Rim Trailer Screengrabs

I’m not doing this for every movie trailer that comes out, but this one is filled with so much glorious eye candy, I can’t pass it up. Man, it’s good to have Guillermo del Toro back at the movies, ’cause this Pacific Rim trailer is a knock-out.

80 Man of Steel Trailer Screengrabs

We’ve got ourselves a new Man of Steel trailer, and it’s full of first looks at lots of characters, as well as our first action scenes. Check out these high-res screengrabs, as well as my theory on the plot of the movie.