Drowning Horses and Dead Elves: The 5 Saddest Nerd Movie Moments

saddest nerd movie moments

Why you gotta do that, nerd movies? Why you gotta pull me and play with my nerd emotions? I go at most nerd and geek movies feeling like I will be safe. Feeling like my emotions will be in good hands. Then you drop bombs on me, and I am left, blubbering in my seat […]

5 Post Apocalyptic Movies Almost As Good As ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

post apocalyptic movies

One day, all of this is going to change. All of it. The way you live your daily lives. How you find food. Who you keep contact with. ALL OF IT is going to change. Some say it will be after the bombs fall. Some think it will be the result of us tapping this […]

What DC Needs To Do To Beat The Marvel Comics Movies

marvel comics movies

Let’s be honest here among geeks for a second. Marvel comics movies have been cleaning up and pretty much owning. Whereas DC movies can be pretty great (look at Dark Knight series as example, even though it is still wrought with errors), DC have still not stepped up their movie game aggressively enough to even […]

5 Underrated Nerd Movies More Geeks Need To See


We all know the big name nerd movies that everyone loves. LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, all the comic book movies etc. But there are a shit-ton of really good geek movies out there that just don’t get the love and attention they deserve because the big boys take all the credit. The problem is, […]

6 Things Hollywood Could Learn From Video Games Right Now


I want someone to tell me the last time Hollywood delivered something on the scale of Last Of Us? A movie that is, in all intents and purposes, epic and large, but still somehow intimate. Or think about the narrative arc in the Telltale Walking Dead games. When was the last time a film got […]

6 Reasons Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ Will Be Their Best Cinematic Event


As you all know, there are a bunch of Marvel movies coming in the next five years. Like, a BUNCH. And while some of them sound really good, there is one all fans of Marvel are really keeping their eyes peeled for. The Civil War that takes place between Marvel’s heroes that will happen in […]

6 Most Underrated Sci Fi Movies of Past Decade

underrated sci fi films

It seems when people talk about sci fi movies, they always talk about the same films. Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Aliens, but there are a slew of hugely underrated sci fi movies that just seem to get ignored by everyone, and being such a huge fan of the genre for so long, I cannot […]

7 Upcoming Video Game Movies in 2015 and 2016

video game movies 2015 2016

The video game industry is worth a gazillion, and while the movie industry is worth more than that, the latter just cannot help but take advantage of the former. And why not, if there is more money to make? Even if video game nerds may bash the movie versions, the movie producers are still reasonably […]

Movies That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby

movies that will make you cry

Movies provide a way to discover different worlds and live different lives vicariously. Blah blah blah. Seriously, we watch movies for a variety of reasons depending on our mood. There are times when we want to watch something stupid that doesn’t require brain cells. There are times when we want to watch testosterone overloaded movies. […]