Six Comic Book Movies You Didn’t Know were Comics

With comic book movies as the industry’s latest goldmine, it’s a marvelous time to be a fan. There are superhero flicks lined up the wazoo, with massive anticipation for upcoming blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron and 2015’s Superman vs. Batman movie. Thanks to the growing demand for movies based on comics, lesser-known books like […]

6 Halloween Horror Movies to Scare You and to Delight Your Eyes

  While it’s often not possible to visit the actual sites of purported hauntings, there is an equally heart-pounding experience to be found while watching a scary movie for Halloween. Okay… so, not exactly…  However, films do offer the opportunity for some scares for nearly free or for cheap. Some may prefer a bit of […]

Eight Great Superman Analogue Movies That Will Never Be Made

A black Superman who was convinced to retire from society in the Fifties because some old white guys felt the world was not ready for him; the themes presented in this tale are sadly as relevant today as in Adam’s original era.

Movies Giveaway: 2GUNS and The World’s End

When was the last time you went to the movies? If you’ve been yearning to go but can’t bring yourself to spend – what with so many things to spend on these days! – we’ve got something for you. Scratch that  - we have a bunch of things for you. First up, we’re giving away […]

12 Geeky Free Movies Online to Watch

From scifi classics to more recent blockbusters, here are a dozen free movies online that you can geek out to by watching right now. Did I mention they’re 100% free?

Duncan Jones to Direct Warcraft Movie

The concept of having Warcraft come to the big screen just became even more real. Talk about the movie adaptation of what might very well be the biggest multiplayer online role-playing game has been around for more than five years now, and as is often the case with things like these, you get to the point […]

My 13 Most Anticipated Blockbusters of 2013

Goodbye to 2012, the year that gave us The Avengers, The Hunger Games, and Skyfall. Hello to 2013! Here are my picks for the 13 biggest, most can’t-miss movies of the year.

The Movies of 2012 in Propaganda Art

Let’s mash up propaganda art with some of 2012′s blockbuster movies. Why? Because we can, dear reader. Because we can.

Xenites, Unite for the Xena Movie Campaign!

Back in the day, when I was a freshman in college, I remember certain weeknights when the girls at the dorm would congregate around the what was then considered a humongous TV. Some would camp out in the den to ensure that they got dibs on the channel that showed Xena. If they were some […]

100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs

Come on, admit it. You have been practicing your most maniacal laugh for when THE day comes. You know, when you finally crush your archenemy to dust so fine that you can’t even use it as talcum powder. That momentous occasion definitely requires a laugh that even the most bada$$ of villains will give you […]