The Spaceship Music Machine 2 Will Take You Where You’ve Never Gone Before

spaceship musicmachine2

If you have $23, 500, that is. HODINKEE have created the spaceship Music Machine 2 (I added the spaceship, because, well, it is a spaceship), and it’s one of the most beautiful things you’ll see this week. According to the guys at HODINKEE: “…it’s arguably the most advanced, most technically impressive, and detail obsessed mechanical […]

Jam With Jamboo Headphones!


Bamboo is one of the sturdiest plants in the world. Jamboo Headphones want to bring this stability to your music-listening experience by building headphones with a headphone jack, middle connector, and earpiece that’s made of bamboo wood. If you’ve ever experienced the supernatural phenomenon where sticking your headphones in your pocket magically tangles them a hundred […]

The Geeky Christmas Playlist

geeky christmas

I don’t know about you, but I think being able to create playlists on the iPod (or any other music player) is the best thing since sliced bread. With the thousands and thousands of music scattered all over my iPod, I just can’t be bothered to keep shaking the darned thing to skip to the […]

Combining Anime and Rap


Anime fans show their love an appreciation for anime in different ways, ranging from creating AMVs to cosplay and fandubbing. Something you don’t see very often (if ever), is anime rap, because honestly, who watches anime and can rap? Richie Branson, that’s who. A rising internet sensation that writes, mixes, and produces is own music, […]

10 Musically Inclined Anime

The cast of K-ON

Anime is mainly known for its animation, in fact, that’s where the term comes from, but there is another aspect of anime that many people overlook: the music. Unlike western animation, which tends to use music composed by small-time artists, anime aims for the best and sometimes manage to bring in some of the biggest […]