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The Spaceship Music Machine 2 Will Take You Where You’ve Never Gone Before

If you have $23, 500, that is. HODINKEE have created the spaceship Music Machine 2 (I added the spaceship, because, well, it is a spaceship), and it’s one of the most beautiful things you’ll see this week. According to the guys at HODINKEE: “…it’s arguably the most advanced, most technically impressive, and detail obsessed mechanical […]

Game of Thrones Theme Song, New Orleans Style

We all love us some Game of Thrones each and every day. While we can’t have an episode a day, there is always something related to our favorite high fantasy TV show of the moment. Remember our list of Game of Thrones theme song covers? (You really ought to give that “playlist” a listen.) This […]

Jam With Jamboo Headphones!

Bamboo is one of the sturdiest plants in the world. Jamboo Headphones want to bring this stability to your music-listening experience by building headphones with a headphone jack, middle connector, and earpiece that’s made of bamboo wood. If you’ve ever experienced the supernatural phenomenon where sticking your headphones in your pocket magically tangles them a hundred […]

Let the A Capella Version of “The Rains of Castamere” Soothe You

Or not. For many viewers, there is just no solace to be found after seeing The Red Wedding on TV. No matter how some book readers have been saying that the TV version is not good enough, I am sure that if you had no idea what was going to happen, you were still as shell-shocked as […]

How the Stones Roll: When Only Custom-made Postcards Will Do

The Rolling Stones is one of the most iconic – if not the most iconic – bands in history. While we are not a rock and roll site, we do appreciate people who have such a strong passion that they come up with something cool and share it with the world. And that’s what How […]

The Geeky Christmas Playlist

I don’t know about you, but I think being able to create playlists on the iPod (or any other music player) is the best thing since sliced bread. With the thousands and thousands of music scattered all over my iPod, I just can’t be bothered to keep shaking the darned thing to skip to the […]

The MakerBot Mixtape Will Take You Back

There used to be a time when a mixtape was the sweetest thing a person could do for his (or her) special someone. If you were alive during those days, you would certainly appreciate the work and time that went into creating a single mixtape, not the least of which was selecting and recording the […]

Film and Song Maps for Cartography Lovers

There’s something to be said about maps, and I might not be a cartography nerd, but it can be fun looking at maps. That is, as long as I am not expected to actually find my way around. ((That’s not 100% true, of course.)) Now there are maps that you use to get your bearings, […]

Combining Anime and Rap

Anime fans show their love an appreciation for anime in different ways, ranging from creating AMVs to cosplay and fandubbing. Something you don’t see very often (if ever), is anime rap, because honestly, who watches anime and can rap? Richie Branson, that’s who. A rising internet sensation that writes, mixes, and produces is own music, […]

10 Musically Inclined Anime

Anime is mainly known for its animation, in fact, that’s where the term comes from, but there is another aspect of anime that many people overlook: the music. Unlike western animation, which tends to use music composed by small-time artists, anime aims for the best and sometimes manage to bring in some of the biggest […]

Awesome Skyrim Violin Cover

As I said before in my post about the recipe for Skyrim Sunlight Souffle, I haven’t had the chance to play Skyrim. So I can’t really claim to know all about the music in the game, but thank goodness for YouTube! Yes, I think the theme music is impressive. Very impressive. This cover by Jason […]

Seeking Major Tom: William Shatner Does Queen and More

Earlier this year, we saw Leonard Nimoy in a music video that I never thought I’d see him in. As it turned out, the video was actually pretty amusing. It was so wrong to see “Spock” live such a dump of a life, but the entire production turned out well. This time, we have another […]

10++ Game of Thrones Theme Song Covers

[UPDATED: April 8, 2014] We started out with these 10 Game of Thrones theme song covers several years back, when the TV show was just starting to catch on. Of course, more fans have gone to great lengths to create their own Game of Thrones theme song covers, and we thought that updating this post […]

The Sound of Tau

If that title sounds or looks familiar, then it is probably because we had a similar post earlier this year, courtesy of Robin. Around the time we celebrated Pi Day (I am assuming you guys ate your fair share of pie in March), musician Michael John Blake released his interpretation of what pi sounds like […]

This Game of Thrones Theme Cover Will Get Your Blood Pumping

If you haven’t watched HBO’s Game of Thrones yet, you really owe it to yourself to set aside time to watch it. In spite of the criticism that it has received – essentially due to being NSFW – the TV series based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books is fast […]

Shoot and play songs with the Harmonica Pistol

As a lover of music and a denizen of a state in support of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment allowing for the right to bear arms, the Harmonica Pistol is a fascinating, albeit disturbing, combination of the two.  Unfortunately for players of the harmonica, the musical aspect in the firearm’s name is a bit of […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 16

Hot geek threesomes (who’da thunk it?), French kiss (leave Meg Ryan out of this), Microsoft oopsies (not that a Microsoft mistake is newsworthy), Verizon being daft (when are they not?) and Amazon on the warpath (Amazon vs. Netflix will be more interesting than the entire catalog of either company’s on demand video). It’s a steamy […]

NES Electric Guitar

Music and gaming are no strangers to each other, but the guys at GetLoFi have taken this partnership to a whole new level. They’ve found an alternative use for an old Nintendo Entertainment System in the form of a fully functional six-string electric guitar.

Google Doodle Says Happy 70th Birthday to John Lennon

Who doesn’t look forward to those Google Doodles? Every time they come up with something new, we all can’t help but notice the Doodle. Today, Google pays tribute to the great John Lennon, who has influenced many a life – both while he was alive and now that he’s gone. I’ve never been that big […]