7 Things that Are Bigger on the Inside

Snoopy's Doghouse

Whether through magic, science, or pure imagination, many of our favorite storytellers love to create things with small exteriors that are disproportionately huge inside. Here are ten things from movies, TV, and literature that are “bigger on the inside.”

YA Fiction Shapes More Than Young Minds

Did you realise this is Young Adult Fiction?

To a person of more advanced years, the term ‘Young Adult Fiction’ can result in an upturned nose, as one dismisses the concept instantly in favour of far more weightier matters. That would be a mistake however, for many of us fail to realise just how influential Young Adult fiction has been throughout the decades, […]

Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite Fantasy World?


In the pantheon of fantasy, there are gazillions of worlds encompassing everything from Dorothy’s Oz to the Greek mythology of Clash of the Titans to Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Sunnydale. This week’s poll presents five of the most popular fantasy worlds. Which is your favorite?