Mars Rover Landing Comes to Xbox Kinect

NASA has devised a clever way to educate the public about their risky landing on Mars with the Curiosity rover: translate the entire experience to Xbox Kinect, and make it a free download.

LEGO Space Shuttle Really Flies

Unreal. A German fan of NASA’s now-retired Space Shuttle program launched a model LEGO shuttle into the atmosphere using a helium weather balloon. For reals.

10 Geeky Photo Mosaics

Geeky visuals alert! Check out these ten giant images made of hundreds (or thousands) of smaller images, aka photo mosaics.

Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?

Wanna go to outer space for a living? Now’s your chance. For the first time ever, NASA is accepting astronaut applications from the general public.

NASA: The TRACTOR BEAM will soon become reality

We are truly living in the age of tomorrow. Making leaps from the Internet, touch screens and human computing, human civilization is moving on to the next phase of technology — defying the laws of physics even more. As technology gets even better, science fiction such as Star Trek serve as pegs for the reality. […]

NASA Three-year Mars journey presented in three minutes

It took the NASA Mars Rover Opportunity three years to cover 13 miles of otherworldly terrain, but now you can experience the journey condensed into a three minute span. NASA recently posted the “Rovers Eye View” video on its website gallery, explaining the Mars trek took the vehicle from Victoria crater to Endeavour crater between […]


There have been plenty of video games set in space, and a not-small portion of MMOs are set in space, too. But you’ve never played one where space exploration and travel are simulated with absolute realism, in the shoes of a NASA astronaut. Until now.

LEGO Gods to Go in Space

It just doesn’t get any better than this. You get LEGO minifigs of Roman gods, and these minifigs get to go to space as well! The LEGO Group has created special (and you bet that they’re special!) LEGO minifigs which are going to be the companions of the rocket Atlas V. This spacecraft is also […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 15

What do you get when the DHS, trivia ‘bots, Facebook stress and comets collide? You get the wins and fails this week in geek! Read on to discover the best and worst this week had to offer. FAIL: Doing Your Homework …which is precisely what the Department of Homeland Security failed to do when it […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 13

Who says #13 is unlucky? This week has given us a plethora of wins and fails to gleefully dissect, from mass firings at MySpace to social networking space robots to sex on Mars. Hey, at least somebody’s getting lucky with that last one. Let’s dig in. FAIL: Job Security Again. This seems to be a […]