A Look at LEGO Creations By Nathan Sawaya. Prepare to Be Amazed!

Nathan Sawaya is not a stranger to us at ForeverGeek. Over the years, we have taken a look at his work and shared some of the best with you. Just in case you need to refresh your memory or you have not really encountered him before, Nathan Sawaya is a renowned artist based in New […]

Conan Re-Created in LEGO for Comic-Con

Here at ForeverGeek, our love for “LEGO artist” Nathan Sawaya knows no bounds. If you’ve ever wanted to see how he builds the amazing things that he builds out of LEGO bricks, here’s your chance.

LEGO Superheroes

We’re big fans of “LEGO artist” Nathan Sawaya here at ForeverGeek. He makes stuff out of LEGO that blows our minds. His latest work captures two popular superheroes in flight.

The Adventures of LEGO Hugman

That Nathan Sawaya is one creative guy. I just love following the stuff he does, because he never repeats himself and always looks for new ways of showing the world his LEGO Art. His latest experiment has been “tagging,” aka graffiti. But how does one make graffiti out of LEGO? Sawaya’s answer is Hugman, a […]

Geekiest tattoo ever

Professional LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya — who, as you should know by now, creates art sculptures using LEGO bricks — has got himself a new tattoo. And it might be the most geektastic tattoo you’ll ever see.

LEGO: A Love Story

Freelance journalist Jonathan Bender spent more than a year of his life diving headlong into the AFOL culture. AFOL stands for “adult fans of LEGO,” and if you’re reading this blog, then I have no doubt that you’re one of them. The culmination of his efforts is a memoir called LEGO: A Love Story, and […]

You've never seen a Blackberry like this

You are looking at a Blackberry Tour 9360 smartphone built entirely out of LEGO bricks. Yes, you read that right. It’s not the handheld variety, either. This Blackberry is over five feet tall, and incorporates a flatscreen TV, because the client who commissioned the giant Blackberry wanted it to have a working screen. It’s so […]