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E3 2012: The Last of Us

The game developer that brought you the Uncharted series had a great showing at E3 with its latest title: The Last of Us. This post-apocalyptic story of survival features incredible A.I. and brutal, realistic gun play and hand-to-hand smackdowns.

What Do You Think of DLC Subscriptions?

Love it or hate it, DLC is the new normal in the world of video games. You pay $50-$60 for your boxed game disc, and then the publisher expects you to shell out around $10 (or more) extra to download additional multiplayer maps or entire episodes of solo play. But is it fair?

Uncharted 3 Goes All-Out for Multiplayer

Naughty Dog is taking multiplayer in the Uncharted series to the next level with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, thanks to enhanced, cinematic gameplay, character customization, and unprecedented social media integration.

Uncharted 3: Enter the Villain

You can’t have a great hero without a great villain, or so goes the adage. The hotly-anticipated third entry in the Uncharted series has just unveiled its dastardly mustache-twirler. But in this case, the creative team at Naughty Dog has given hero Nathan Drake a nemesis with two X chromosomes and some refined sophistication. Meet […]

Fallon Gets First Uncharted 3 Hands-On

Whether you find Jimmy Fallon funny or not, there’s no denying that the guy’s a hardcore geek. He was the first late-night talk show host to openly embrace technology and social media — something that most other hosts still haven’t entirely figured out. (Well, Conan gets it, but only recently.) Anyway… with Fallon’s geek cred, it’s […]

Sony Unveils Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Long known to be in the pipeline but under intense secrecy until today, Sony has finally taken the wraps off of the third Uncharted game, which finds Nathan Drake on an adventure in the desert. The title? Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. And it’s coming late next year. As the title implies, deception is the game’s […]