A Christmas Carol, Klingon Style

Remember the first ever full-length opera delivered entirely in Klingon?  Apparently, that wasn’t such a novel idea as I first thought it was.  Early this morning, as I was gulping down my first cup of coffee, I saw a tweet from Neil Gaiman himself (@neilhimself).  This is what it said: “RT Absolutely not. @jenusellis: Any […]

The Sandman's Saga Continues

It’s been an auspicious week for lovers of comics and lovers of good TV – and, ideally, the perfect marriage of the two. First, The Walking Dead was reportedly offered a second season almost 2 months before it even premiers (although the second season appears to be officially unconfirmed, most news outlets are, based on […]

Shakespeare And Geeks

April 23 is traditionally celebrated as Shakespeare’s birthday, although Shakespeare geeks would know that this day isn’t really when he was born. In fact, he died on the 23rd of April 1616. Since his exact date of birth isn’t known, this day has been designated as the celebration for his birthday. Isn’t that pretty cool? […]

Coraline to be made into movie, games

Neil Gaiman’s darkly entertaining children’s book Coraline is going to be made into a stop-motion animation movie by none other than Henry Selick, who was involved in both A Nightmare Before Christmas and James and The Giant Peach. Putting a Gaiman work on film is exciting enough but there are now plans to also make […]

Gaiman, Kubert in new Batman project

One of the best news I’ve read at the recently held Comic Con is the new Batman project between Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert. The two-issue collaboration between the two is set to be released January 2009 but fanboys are already anticipating the work because this could become a seminal piece of comicbook fiction. The […]