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Scouring The Shelves

It is always a pleasure when a good comic leaves you with that pensive feeling; where you put down the magazine and simply retreat into one’s own thoughts. Even if they are a little nebulous and ill defined. The first issue of Bedlam from Image Comics may well still be found on the shelves, and […]

Supergirl Grows Up, Slain By Foursquare?

Now I read Supergirl religiously every month. I’m one of the older school of fans that hold the character in high regard after the original Earth One version died in the Crisis Of Infinite Earths. Considering that was my introduction to DC, she maybe possesses a greater appeal to me that she deserves. I lapped […]

The Infinite Vacation

You know when you discover one of those little science-fiction gems? That was my experience last week with picking up a copy of the new treat from Shadowline, the Infinite Vacation. I fondly remember the halcyon days of DC Helix, with the excellent titles of Vermillion and Cyberella. Unfortunately the only survivor of the short-lived […]