Is Nintendo In Trouble?

Sales of the 3DS aren’t so bad that the device qualifies as a “flop.” And with all of the Wii and DS consoles that they’ve sold in years past, it would take a LOT to make a dent in Nintendo‘s bank account. But they just had their worst fiscal year in, like, ever.

This Is How Zelda: Skyward Sword Begins

The 3-minute animation that opens The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has leaked, and you can watch the whole thing right here. It’s a beautiful, watercolor-on-parchment style animation, though the English translation of this Japanese version is typically broken — and kinda cute.

Link & Mario – Salt Art

People really can make art out of anything these days. Proof positive: Bashir Sultani’s “Art with Salt,” a self-conceived art medium that the artist uses to draw portraits of famous people. And recently, he decided to use salt to create portraits of two very famous fictional characters: Nintendo‘s Link and Mario.

3DS Peripheral to Add 2nd Circle Pad

“I know! Let’s take our thin, super-cool 3DS device and make it bulkier!” That’s my interpretation of the thinking behind the “Expansion Slide Pad,” which was leaked today as a new peripheral for the 3DS. In other news… Wanna win a “Flame Red” Nintendo 3DS? Find out how after the jump.

Nintendo Lunch Box Is What Happens to Dead Consoles

So what happens when your gadgets die? Do they go to gadget heaven? Do you take them to a recycling center to make sure they are disposed of properly? Or are you one of the “I don’t care” people who simply throw them into the trash bin? Redditor Massenus ((Source)) has found the perfect solution […]

Uh-Oh: Nintendo Drops 3DS to $169.99

Nintendo has announced that the price of the 3DS portable game console is being dropped from $249.99 to $169.99 on August 12th. If you do the math, that’s a 32% price cut for a console that’s less than 5 months old. Nintendo couldn’t have picked a louder way of announcing to the world that sales […]

When Will Sony & Microsoft Release New Consoles?

Now that Nintendo has announced its intentions to jump the generational gap with the forthcoming Wii U, chatter around the industry inevitably must turn to its two chief rivals, and when they might answer Nintendo’s challenge with brand new hardware of their own.

Just One Controller for Wii U Games

You know that new console that Nintendo announced as the successor to the Wii? The oddly named “Wii U” with its touchscreen controller? The games you’ll play on it will only work with one, lonely controller.

Chucks for Geeks. Super Mario Bros. Converse All-Stars

Super Mario Bros., the classic video game from Nintendo first released in 1985 for the Nintendo entertainment system, follows the exploits of Mario and Luigi as they venture through the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser.  Once the best selling video game of all-time until being surpassed by Wii Sports in 2009, Super […]

Robin Williams in the new Ocarina of Time ad for 3DS

Who would have known? Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin Williams was named after the comedian’s favorite princess. The 30 second commercial in lieu of Father’s Day speaks loads of the relationship the father-daughter pair have when it comes to video games. Ad on top. Interview at the bottom. When Robin Williams and his wife were […]

E3: Everything You Want to Know About Wii U

E3 isn’t even halfway over yet, but many are saying that Nintendo has already stolen the show with the announcement of its next home console, dubbed “Wii U.” (I wouldn’t have thought it possible for Nintendo to come up with an even worse name than “Wii.”) Yes, it’s a successor to the Wii, using the […]

E3 2011 Predictions

E3 is just two weeks away! Can you believe it? What delicious (and what vaporware) delights will E3 2011 bring to gamers? What surprises do Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have in store for their pre-E3 media extravaganzas? What games will walk away from the week with the heaviest buzz? It’s impossible to predict what secrets […]

Nintendo’s Next Console Coming in 2012

The long-rumored successor to the Wii is real, and it’s going to be unveiled at E3 in June. Compiling data from various reports, it sounds as though Nintendo is going well beyond a “Wii HD,” instead trying to revolutionize the industry once again with something unprecedented. Dubbed “Project Café” by Nintendo, the new console’s existence […]

Super Mario RPG World Map

Are you bored with your current wallpaper? Or maybe you’re looking for a piece of art that you want to print out and hang in your bedroom wall. If you’re a Super Mario fan, specifically a Super Mario RPG fan, I just might have something for you to consider. DeviantArtist ihateyouare ((DeviantArt page)) has created […]

DIY Zelda Mini-Arcade Game

The Legend of Zelda (Zelda) is one of the great video games of all-time with its mixture of action, adventure, and puzzle solving.  For many, their first exposure to Zelda was as a game played on The Nintendo Entertainment System.

iPad 2: It’s All About Gaming, Baby

Lest you have any lingering doubt that Apple’s iOS is a gaming platform to be reckoned with, today’s events hammered the idea home. The iPad 2, just unveiled today by His Steveness, features a graphics processing that’s nine times the speed of the original iPad. That’s some monstrous horsepower, particularly for a device that was […]

Launch Day Titles for Nintendo 3DS

The launch of Nintendo‘s new handheld platform, the 3DS, is weeks away now. While there’s been plenty of speculation on what titles would be available first, Nintendo has finally issued an official list. A grand total of 16 games will be buyable on March 27th, the day the 3DS goes on sale. Three of those […]

Review: uDraw Game Tablet

I feel funny calling this a game review, because a game this is not. But it does run on a standard Wii game console. uDraw Studio, the software that comes packaged with THQ’s uDraw Game Tablet, is essentially an artist’s studio and palette, providing all of the tools needed to create your masterpiece. So is […]

Nintendo 3DS: $249, March 27th

Nintendo was very eager at a special media event today to convince consumers that the 3DS handheld gaming system is more than a one trick pony. “3D gaming without the glasses” is certainly the headline talking point, but there’s a lot more under the hood of this thing than just the fancy screen. First up, […]

Nintendo’s 3DS Launch Titles

When the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console launches in Japan on February 26th, eight games will be available for it. Surprisingly, the anticipated Kid Icarus: Uprising is not among them. The eight launch titles show varying prices that mostly range between the yen equivalent of $60 – $70. Nintendo’s Japanese hardware launches typically come earlier […]