Wreck-It Ralph: The Video Game

It’s a video game based on a movie about a video game. Wow, how meta can you get?

Fancy a Virtual Date? Go to Atami.

Only in Japan do these things happen. Now that statement might be false, but one thing I am sure of – going on a date with a virtual partner is quite extraordinary! You may have heard of the game Love Plus+ – a dating video game where you can find the partner of dreams (albeit […]

Nintendo shows off the 3DS

“No glasses needed.” That was the message hammered home this morning at Nintendo’s E3 Media Briefing, where the new Nintendo 3DS was unveiled. No price or time frame was given, but E3 attendees are being offered the chance to play with the new device themselves. Nintendo has not yet revealed the 3DS‘ full specs, but […]

Handheld gaming: the plot thickens

Until recently, the two major players in the handheld gaming wars have been Nintendo and PlayStation. The N has a strong history when it comes to handhelds, going back to the bestselling handheld gaming device of all time, the GameBoy. Sony has had significant success with the PlayStation Portable, an overall more powerful machine than […]

How Geeks Propose

Listen up all of you – you just might learn a thing or two about romance from geeks! In keeping with the theme of the season – it’s the love month, in case you’ve overlooked that tiny fact – let’s take a look at some of the geekiest marriage proposals ever. Never mind that they’re […]

Quirky Game Center CX to be ported to the DS

The Nintendo DS is turning into a platform where we are seeing quirky Japanes games that would otherwise not be ported in the North American and European market actually get a release date there. It’s a good thing that this is happening too because otherwise we won’t experience the brilliant games our Japanese gaming counterparts […]

GTA for the DS coming this March

The Nintendo DS has gained a reputation for wholesome games that are fit for children. Being a hardcore DS owner I know that the DS offers a much more varied gameplay experience but only suffers from a lack of mature titles. But this coming March, this is going to be remedied with the release of […]

DS Games For Christmas

Perhaps one of the best things about the DS is the sheer variety of gameplay on offer, which means that over this Christmas you shouldn’t have any problem at all either finding a present for yourself or for a loved one! This year, look out for the brilliant Professor Layton And The Curious Village for […]

Mario Red DS Lite to launch on Black Friday

I’m a Super Mario Bros. fan, always have and always will be. It’s been a favorite game for over a decade now. I remember the first time I played it on a Nintendo set, I’d play it for hours and hours. Now during Black Friday, November 28, Nintendo is releasing a special red version of […]

Jagged Alliance for the DS still a go

Finally, some news on the oft-delayed Jagged Alliance project for the Nintendo DS. Empire Interactive has acquired the publishing rights to the turn-based strategy game. No release dates had been given along with the announcement but at this point, I am happy that there is proof the game is not stalled anymore. Jagged Alliance is […]