Spontaneous Flesh Crawling

Many comics billed as horror comics simply fail to elicit that clammy, sweaty response that one would expect from the genre. The same cannot be said for one of the latest offerings from Oni Press, now into its second issue. Spontaneous deals with the story of Melvin, a boy cursed from childhood with the ability […]

Brigade and the Sixth Gun

When the ‘Image explosion’ erupted in the mid-nineties, Rob Liefeld’s contribution could (in retrospect) be considered to be the weakest of line. Still, the stories came through thick and fast, Youngblood, Brigade, Youndblood Strikefile, Chapel, Bloodstryke, more Youngblood, Glory, New Men, Badrock and various ‘has-beens’ from the other companies, Supreme, even more Youngblood… You get […]