15 Geeky Christmas Ornaments


If you’re the kind who thinks that Christmas is the best time of the year, you’re house is probably all dressed up with lights, a Christmas tree (or maybe two), and all sorts of Christmas decor. Then again, you probably won’t say no to a few more geeky Christmas ornaments. Whether you’re ready for Christmas […]

Attention gamers: decorate your Christmas tree with console ornaments


With Christmas fast approaching (really), it’s time for geeks to start planning how they’re going to decorate their tree. Once you’ve decided on the tree itself, you’ll need to work out what to hang off it. Yes, you could stay fairly traditional and use baubles and candies, but how about decorating the tree with miniature […]

Find: Cool pewter robot pendants


I’ve just found these fantastic little pewter robot charms on Etsy. They only stand an inch tall but have good detailing on them. They’re being sold for $4.98 per pair, but apparently the seller has a huge bag of them so you could probably create your own army of them if you wanted. Check out […]