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If Commander Keen Were Around Today

I miss Commander Keen. Early PC platforming at its best, this 1991 Id Software game was about an 8-year-old boy who fought evil aliens. If he was starring in games today, he might look something like this.

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Out This Week

Episode 3 of Telltale Games’ brilliant video game series based on The Walking Dead comic book is out this week. Here’s where and when to find it, along with some spankin’ new screens.

Will ‘The Sims’ Work on Consoles?

Anytime a game is ported from PC to console or vice versa, it’s always an exercise in showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. This week’s release of The Sims 3 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii — the first ever Sims game to receive a full-fledged port from PC to all three […]

PC gaming on the big screen with the IGUGU Gamecore

Though it’s not really that difficult to get your PC to display on a big TV, it’s possibly beyond casual users. Add to this the fact that you could still be shackled to keyboard and mouse and you have a bit of a problem if you want the freedom to play games like your mates […]

Iomega introduces v.Clone: take your entire PC with you on a hard drive

Iomega has announced the launch of its new v.Clone software which allows you to clone your PC’s contents onto a hard drive and then use it as a virtual machine on any other PC. Backing up, travelling with important files on a USB stick or accessing your home PC via the Internet are all possibilities […]

Check out the ultra-powerful, expandable SHIFT high performance PC

We don’t tend to cover PCs in depth at Forever Geek, but when something like the SHIFT comes along, it’s worth taking note. Take a look at this beast. Pretty beautiful isn’t it? (I have to assume that you enjoy gear pr0n, of course) Not only that, but it has a heck of a lot […]

Blizzard removes LAN Multiplayer on Starcraft II

Without a doubt, Blizzard’s upcoming sequel Starcraft II is one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. The first Starcraft created such hardcore fan appreciation that up to this day — 11 years after it was released — thousands of people still play the game. That is unprecendented and anyone would be hardpressed to […]

Samsung intros lightweight N310 mini notebook

strong>Samsung hopes to excite with its latest N310 mini notebook PC, making a big issue out of the fact that it has sophisticated styling from leading international designer Naoto Fukasawa. Great, so what does that mean practically? This lightweight 10.1-inch machine has a frameless, scratch-proof LED screen and pebble design keyboard. Not only that, but […]

Dell shows off Adamo, world's thinnest laptop

It seems like an age ago when Apple showed off its Air notebook computer, proudly proclaiming it to be the world’s thinnest. You knew everyone else would want to try to better that, and today it’s Dell’s turn. In fact, the new Adamo notebook is the new “world’s thinnest”. At 0.65 inches, it beats the […]

ASUS goes wireless with the Eee Keyboard PC

The Eee Keyboard PC reminds me of the days when all the computer components were built in underneath the keyboard and you hooked it up to a TV – well, except that this version is a lot slimmer and faster, you can connect it to a high definition TV, it can work wirelessly, and it […]

Touch Book: the magnetic touchscreen tablet netbook

Here’s an interesting soon-to-be-manufactured device from Always Innovating. It’s a netbook that features a rotatable and detachable touchscreen, making it a pretty versatile unit both on the move and at home. Featuring an ARM OMAP3 processor from Texas Instruments, it uses a lot less energy than a standard system and, coupled with its two batteries […]

PS2 Controller for PC converter

When the XBox 360 was about to be launched we gave you an article about possible things you could do to your old XBox, from turning it into a Media Device until using a bunch of them as a cluster with XBox-Linux. Now, we bring you the first thing you can do with your PS2, […]