7 Things that Are Bigger on the Inside

Snoopy's Doghouse

Whether through magic, science, or pure imagination, many of our favorite storytellers love to create things with small exteriors that are disproportionately huge inside. Here are ten things from movies, TV, and literature that are “bigger on the inside.”

Going (Pea)nuts Over Doctor Who

Doctor Who Peanuts

Here’s another amusing mashup for you guys. This time, it’s for those of you who cannot get enough of Doctor Who. Now I don’t know if people who are into Doctor Who are the same types who like Peanuts, but Larry Wentzel ((Via Larry Wentzel)) obviously thinks there is something about putting them together. He […]

9 Peanuts Tattoos To Drool Over

Peanuts Tattoos

In keeping up with the tattoos series, I looked around the internet for Peanuts tattoos. Who doesn’t know Peanuts or it’s main character Charlie Brown? They never bore, each year without missing they are on TV for the holidays in the U.S. The comics are full of imparting wisdom’s. I found nine tattoos good enough […]

Peanuts Was Drawn For Adults


In 1977 David Desmond wrote a letter to the creator of Peanuts, Charles M. Schulz. He wrote Mr. Schulz to tell him how much he enjoys Peanuts and to ask how Mr. Schulz managed to create a comic for kids that also appeals to adults. Much to his surprise Charles M. Schulz wrote him back […]