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Ben Heine’s Pencil Art Replaces Reality

Well, not exactly, but Ben Heine’s pencil art is a sight for sore eyes. The Ivory Coast-born Belgian artist has a formidable talent. Given a pencil, he draws sketches that he superimposes on other scenes. He actually calls this branch of his work “Pencil Vs. Camera” and is a wonderful blend of drawing and photography. […]

Pencil Sculpture

Dalton Ghetti is no ordinary sculptor. He’s an artist who’s chosen a remarkably unique medium: the standard wood-and-graphite pencil. And you won’t believe he can carve out of them.

Concept printer uses pencils

The paperless office that was promised back in the last century never happened, and despite our increased use of the Internet and electronic gadgets, plus the endless little green pleas about saving the environment on the signature of nearly every corporate email, we still love to print stuff out. Printing technology, then, continues to evolve. […]