This Dynamic Periodic Table Is the ONLY One You’ll Ever Need

If you’re a student taking Chemistry classes, or if you just like messing around with elements during your free time. You do know, methinks, that ForeverGeek always geeks out when it comes to periodic tables. Whether it’s the real deal (elements) or something else (swear words? fictional minerals?), we will write about it and share […]

Enhance Your Creativity with the Periodic Table of Fictional Minerals

Periodic tables are the best, and you know we love them. Whether it’s all about real-life elements or it’s the periodic table of swearing, we’ll give it a go. Of course, when we heard about the periodic table of fictional minerals, we just couldn’t resist. The From Afraidium to Tronium to Magicite – you will […]

Up Your Geek Level With The Periodic Table of Sci-Fi

We all know how arguing over the internet is actually a healthy and productive past-time, especially for proud geeks. This Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Film and Television might spark another debate if a favorite movie or TV show isn’t included. Take a closer look and see if all your faves are on it: Creator Kris […]

Win a Cartoon Periodic Table to Dress Up Your Wall!

It is no secret that we absolutely love the periodic table – and variations of it. We’ve covered quite a lot of periodic table-related things – from the periodic table of heavy metals to the periodic table of swearing (NSFW). This time, we’re on the safe side with the Cartoon Periodic Table. It’s the creation of […]

If the Elements in the Periodic Table Were Human…

It’s been a while since we saw something Periodic Table-related, hasn’t it? Thanks to The Mary Sue, I have a treat for those of you who can’t get enough of the Periodic Table. (Yes, we know you have the Periodic Table shower curtain in the bathroom.) Kaycie D. is an artist who, during her years […]

Wonderful Life with the Elements: The Periodic Table Personified

It’s been a while since we’ve discovered a cool thing related to the Periodic Table. I think Theo Gray’s awesome periodic table is the most recent I’ve written on the topic, but today brought about a new discovery: a book by Bunpei Yorifuji, a Japanese artist who seems to have a fascination with chemistry as well. […]

Theo Gray’s Periodic Table Table Will Make You Cry…

…in envy. That is, if you are like us, and you just can’t get enough of periodic tables. If you have been following us for a while, you’ve read about the world’s tiniest periodic table. We also have a nifty collection of the geekiest periodic tables you can possibly find. As cool as all other […]

Periodic Table of Heavy Metals

One of the things that we love to feature on ForeverGeek is the periodic table. It doesn’t even have to be THE periodic table as we know it from school. Anything periodic table works. We even have a post compiling some of the coolest versions of the periodic table you can find online. Unfortunately, the […]

Elements 114 and 116 Added to the Periodic Table

I think it’s time for periodic table enthusiasts to go back to the drawing board and update their creations. After three years of review, two new elements have finally been added to the periodic table. The elements, 114 and 116, remain to be formally named. However, they are currently being called ununquadium and ununhexium, respectively. […]

World’s Tiniest Periodic Table

Periodic tables always get us all excited. Never mind all those deals for Christmas (well, not really) – what else can you want for the holidays if you have the world’s teeniest periodic table? Nanoscientists – not your regular-sized scientists – have decided to play around with a strand of human hair and etched the […]