There’s A Periodic Table for That! 15 Geeky Periodic Tables

There’s a periodic table for that!(TM) Anyone who has read ForeverGeek for a while knows that we are big fans of periodic tables. Don’t believe me? We even have a periodic table tag. Although not every author in the history of FG totally element focused was and would gladly leave out the creation of a […]

Periodic Table of Swearing

WARNING BEFORE you click to enlarge: A LOT of profanity in that image. If that’s not your style, never mind clicking. We all love the Periodic Table of Elements, don’t we? This one’s here not your ordinary version, though. The guys at Modern Toss Shop created their own and dubbed it The Periodic Table of […]

The Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements

Anyone who has had to go to chemistry class (practically all of us, I suppose) knows just how much fun the periodic table of elements can be. On the other hand, it can also be a fixture in one’s nightmares, especially when the time to sit for an exam comes. This guy, Russell Walks, has […]

Five concept watch designs that make you calculate the time

Inspired by the likes of Tokyo Flash watches, I started thinking about some concept watch designs that would force the wearer to work the old grey matter in order to work out what time it was. Some offer more precision that others, and some are easier to read, but all are definitely not your average […]

Periodic Coffee Table of Elements

I do know that any quick google search will show several different coffee tables of this variant, but I love this one most. The level of details is amazing and even the typography rocks. You can read the complete making of the table here. More images after the jump.